Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New plan rumor confirmed: Free fruit

Check out this Weight Watchers community blog post:

Is fruit free on the new program?
Yes – you can eat all fruit until you are satisfied.

Is all fruit free? Even bananas??
Yes even bananas!!

Even… mangoes???
Yes even mangoes!!!
I am not a big mango fan, but I love fruit, especially bananas and berries. So I am excited about this facet of the new plan.  In fact, as of my bad day today, I decided that I am going to start this part early.  I know, I'm such a Weight Watchers rulebreaker!  I'm still tracking my fruit in my iPhone tracker, but I'm using a super-stealthy method (a.k.a. making the portion size artificially small) to keep track of the fruit and have it have no points.

This little bend in the rules has cheered me up considerably. It is likely to make  about 3 points difference today. Not a big deal, but it is going to keep me happy for the next two weeks while I wait to see what the rest of the new plan will be.  I have been going way more than 3 points/day over my allowance as it is. I haven't even been tracking. Wonder why I gained?

So confess, dear readers, what WW rules do you break?


  1. Please note the difference here.... it's not FREE fruit.

    "Free" (as with our competitors) implies that you can literally eat as much as you want until it comes out of your ears!!

    Fruits (and most vegetables as before) are ZERO ProPoints. This makes the difference. Giving them a value, albeit zero, hopefully instils that sense of control and reminds us to eat until we're satisfied not stuffed :-)

  2. LOL at the "wonder why I gained?" comment.

    At least you're honest :-) Hugs to you, and good luck for the next weigh-in! x

  3. Hmm. I have never stuffed myself on apples. Apple pie, maybe....

    I have seen a lot of worried posts about the dangers of this change on the WW boards. No matter how delicious fruit is, it's just not something that inspires reckless abandon in the way that other foods can. It's fruit.

    Maybe it's the whole Eve and the apple thing? I don't get it.

  4. P.S. I took the "free fruit" terminology right off the Weight Watchers development team blog and really didn't see a big difference between "free" and "zero points." But I see the point that EeeGee is making. Don't go bananas with the bananas, people.

    I scurried off to read EeeGee's blog and found some interesting notes on the UK launch and a link to this article on the new UK plan. Chances are that there will be some similarities to that plan in our upcoming launch.

    Just in my little experiment with zero-point fruit, I have found that it gives me a little breathing room to feel like I can do the plan. I am also more likely to choose fruit over other options since it's "free." I had a banana with breakfast, an apple with lunch, an orange as an afternoon snack, and a 1/4 of a large pomegranate over my usual popcorn for an evening snack. I don't think four servings of fruit is too much... I also had plenty of veggies during the day. And for once, I came in under my points budget.

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