Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Biggest Loser Season 10, Episode 7: Basic Training

Sorry for the late episode post. This particular Biggest Loser episode was a bit of a downer.  The U.S. Marine Corps decided to take over the training of the contestants for the week. The Losers were provided with military-style gear and heavy packs instead of their usual t-shirts and shorts.  They were also taken to Camp Pendleton, which made the Biggest Loser ranch seem like a luxurious spa. The contestants got to choke down cafeteria meals (read: not organic, low-sodium, lowfat) and wake up for early-morning training sessions.

The training officers were definitely inspiring and amazing. They didn't take any whining from the contestants but they did seem supportive and encouraging.  These conditions, though, made the Black Team seem even less coherent than they already did.  The big guys on the team were forever leaving Elizabeth and Anne to struggle on behind. Anne's panting and pleas for help started to seem like a cry for attention, and I started rooting for her to be voted off the show. She seemed to do better working on her own.  I was genuinely worried for Elizabeth. The stress of the new training really aggravated her asthma and she fainted again. Her teammates seem scared for her, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is targeted for elimination soon. The big boys have to be tired of carrying her through the challenges, and I know that Ada has no sympathy for weakness.

The Blue Team did better. They worked together as a more coherent team, mostly because the strong players aren't as strong and the weak players aren't as weak. They did much better in the challenge this week even before Elizabeth passed out. Once that happened, of course, the Black Team was out of the running.

When Bob and Jillian got the contestants back, they made up for lost time by putting the contestants through the wringer.  They couldn't have worried that the workouts weren't intense enough with the Marines, but they had to be worried about the food and the lack of sleep.  Their fears were realized, too. The weigh-ins this week were terrible, and a couple of players had gained weight.  Frado, who had been a Marine before, was apparently better at eating quickly in the cafeteria, since he had the biggest gain.  Jesse had also expressed, though, that because he knew he would have a hard day ahead of him, he went for high-calorie foods when making choices in the cafeteria.

Not surprisingly, the Black Team lost the weigh-in, and the obvious choice was between Anna and Elizabeth. I think they decided to send Anna home not because she was the one who seemed to make the least effort or because she could do better at home. I think they never really developed a relationship with her because she came on the show late. She also had enough to lose to be a threat, which was not the case for Elizabeth.  No worries, though, because when she got home, she seemed to do much better than she did on the show. She looks good and has a handsome son at home who seems to be supporting her efforts to win the at-home prize.

I think I will like the show better when the Black and Blue Team section is over and people are on their own again. The alliances on the Black Team are getting tiresome. 

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  1. the ones who are home and then come to the show later, just never seem to do well.

    Especially the women.

    I can remember at least one woman, many seasons ago, who had her (good/effective) routine at home and just didn't agree with the ranch perspective. and it showed - she went home almost immediately and it was really better for her.

    Everyone starting from scratch at the ranch does not have this perspective as they did not have any opinions/routines at home. They are sort of blank slates.

    I relate to Elizabeth on so many levels because of my own asthma. IF she does get the weight off, she will be shocked at how much difference it makes in her breathing. My lung capacity went up a full liter. And that is a BIG difference. My asthma allergest said it was more dropping the fat girdle/restriction than it was conditioning. And I can't even begin to describe how much anxiety plays a part. Not being able to breathe and/or fear of not being able to breathe make it SO much worse.

    And this is a week where I think it would have been smarter to tell everyone to catch up on their sleep and not have a last chance workout. I know that is not something they would ever DO, but it would have made a lot of sense.

    (maybe you said and I just missed it - what happened to last week's TBL post - ?)


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