Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Biggest Loser Season 10, Episode 10: Makeover Week

This year, Makeover Week wasn't as much about the makeovers as in past years. I am guessing a lot of viewers got bored watching people get their hair cut and pick out clothes.  The emphasis was more on the show's partnership with Ford's Warriors in Pink program, which supports breast cancer research.  The contestants did all look great with their new haircuts and clothes, though some of them were a little weird, like this train-type thing that Elizabeth was wearing attached to a belt with a normal top and jeans. It was fun to see the contestants reunite with families and friends backstage.  I can't even imagine what it had to be like for the family members. To have someone whose health and immobility had to be a constant concern, and to see them transformed into an active, thinner, healthy person had to be a huge shock and relief.  Frado's wife said she kept looking at his eyes because they were the only part of him she really recognized. I thought it was especially great to see how happy some of the kids were to see their parents after they had been away for so long. I may have gotten a little choked up at that.

Another thing that choked me up was how this week's challenge played out. The contestants did thousands of stairs -- up and down a huge stairway that was used for a challenge last year.  The winner of the challenge would win a brand-new 2011 Ford Edge.  Just before the challenge starts, we find out that Patrick is driving a 15-year-old "piece of junk," is unemployed and has never owned a new car. It looks like a competition between Brandon and Ada, who get way out in front at the beginning and stay there. Patrick looks sad but still is determined to finish.  We see Ada just standing there at the top on her last flight of stairs to win the car, and Brandon joins her and they both wait for Patrick. They don't need the car the way he does, and they decided that they want him to win it.  Sure, it's a strategic move that will win some loyalty from Patrick, but it was also a really great thing to do.

Elizabeth doesn't get to finish the workout -- she is so far behind that there is no way she can finish, and I think the camera crew decided it wasn't worth staying the extra time it would take her to struggle up and down the stairs.  She finishes the steps as her Last Chance Workout, but all of the other contestants who did the whole challenge also do a regular Last Chance Workout, which had to be painful.

The weigh-in numbers were stunning as always. My husband figured it out -- most of the men have lost about 25% of their original weight, and two of the women are around 20%. The two leaders, Mark and Ada, are right around 29%.  In TEN WEEKS, two men have already lost 100+ pounds. 

This week Lisa and Frado end up below the Yellow Line, and Frado's alliances pay off because Lisa is the one who is sent home. That's OK, because it seems that Lisa is doing just fine at home and is happy to be back with her kids. She has taken an interest in someone she met during the at-home challenge, and is planning to get her certification to be a personal trainer. She looks beautiful and I am sure she will be a contender for the at-home prize.

I have another Biggest Loser recorded, the "Where are They Now," episode, but I can only take so much TBL in one night, so I'm going to save it for another time. 


  1. Just the thought of a thousand stairs would stop me in my tracks, so I'm super impressed with what they accomplished. It boggles my mind how fast the men, especially, always lose such enormous amounts of weight in a short time. Of course, I'm not working out 5-6 hours a day, either, but 100+ lbs in 10 weeks is huge. It sets up expectations that the loss can continue at that pace and that just doesn't happen as they get closer to goal weight.

  2. I have wondered about the advisability of losing so much weight so fast. Would a slower loss decrease the "excess" skin that might be left from such a large loss? I have 80 pounds to lose, so I've wondered about that.


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