Saturday, October 02, 2010

Weight Watchers Message Board Mad Libs

Remember Mad Libs? You asked a friend for a noun, a verb, a phrase, etc. into a form to make a silly story,   There's no reason that kids should have all the fun.  Here is a Weight Watchers Message Board thread for you to fill in for yourself.


2Cute4U: I hear that Weight Watchers is going to be coming out with a new plan in [month].  I'm excited to try something new! Has anyone heard anything about the new plan?

NoFunAtAll: Anything that anyone says is only [derogatory phrase]. Leaders and other people in the know will be [-ed verb] if they tell anything. 

Smartie4Sure: I just did a blog search and found information on the plan they are doing in [country]. It sounds a lot like the rumors I've been hearing. I translated the page and now I'm following the plan. The coolest thing is that [food group] is now 0 points!  I've already lost [number] pounds and I've only been following it for [length of time].

NoFunAtAll: Too bad you're not a [person from the country above]. If Weight Watchers had wanted us to follow that plan, they would have [method of communication] us by now.

Smartie4Sure: If you don't want to hear people talk about the new plan, No Fun, why did you open this thread?  Maybe you should go back to your [dull pastime] instead.

2Cute4U: OMG Smartie, you are so [complimentary adjective]! How do you figure the points? Can you send me the info? [suggestive nickname]@[domain]. THX!!!!!

NoFunAtAll: You had better watch it. If Weight Watchers finds out you are posting about the new plan, they will [threat].  You should just follow the current plan. It's [complimentary adjective].  I have lost over [number] pounds and everyone tells me I'm so thin I look like I have [eating disorder].

Smartie4Sure: Just sent the info, 2Cute. And I threw in some recipes that I translated from [exotic language]. Too bad that most of the foods are not things I have heard of before. I also found where you can order the new cookbook online at [website]. It's called [name] and the cover is [color] and you can see the [trademarked WW program name] logo on the cover.

Newbie26778634: No, I just searched and the cookbook is gone.  Now there's only the [name of old WW program] one instead. 

NoFunAtAll: It's all for the best. Every [length of time] there is all this [adjective] speculation and each time the changes are no big deal. I am going to search for more threads on the new plan so I can explain this all to them too.


  1. And so the anticipation mounts. Loved this one, Jen!

  2. HEhehehe! Funny as! Some people get grumpy @ nothing don't they?!?


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