Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here's what 38.5 points looks like

I decided to play food blogger for a day and take photos of what I ate on Wednesday. I am just now getting around to posting it.  I actually get 23 points a day, so this day was over my daily points target, but I thought I'd post it anyway to show how easy it is to go over.  I should have skipped the tortilla chips (2 servings, 6 points) and the Tootsie Rolls (1 point).  I still would have been over. As you can see, I had plenty of Filling Foods, too.

Breakfast: Basted egg cooked in 1 tsp. canola oil, 2 slices of Ezekiel toast, coffee with a splash of half-and-half

Snack 1: Fage 2% yogurt, 2 T. natural peanut butter, apple

Snack 2: Tortilla chips (should have resisted, but I was hungry!)

Lunch: Smoky Ratatouille, grilled bread, apple, seltzer

Snack 3: 5 Tootsie Rolls

Dinner: Salad with sunflower seeds and no dressing, Muffin-Tin Crabcake

Snack 4: Air-popped popcorn, photo taken while popcorn was popping.


  1. Wow! It actually looked like quite a healthy days lunch, So surprising that it was over by so many points! Just shows how easy it is to underestimate what you eat

  2. Just randomly found your blog, its so interesting to SEE the found laid out like that!

  3. Thanks for posting the pictures. Somehow that makes the food/points even more real than logging food in a tracker. It all looks yummy and you eat a nice variety of flavorful things :)

  4. This is such a great way to keep track of yourself. A few months ago I vowed to photo blog an entire week of food. It made me pay far more attention to what I was eating and it forced me to be more creative so that I wasn't posting photos of the same foods every single day.

    -Karen @

  5. Very cool! I love to see what other people eat. Also, I can barely believe that this is 70% more than points! I would never have guessed, it seems very healthy and "diety". I want to say that I read every blog post, and you are doing a great and very persistent job at getting healthy. I don't usually comment because I sneak read at work :)
    You ate healthy all day - I think you did great. This is what I would have eaten instead because points suck and I am a hungry, hungry girl (not because I make better choices than you!!) you are not me but maybe you will like my ideas...
    Breakfast - looks meager and sad to me, I would have eaten egg beaters with salsa instead of an egg because you can eat a ton for very little points. I would have sprayed the toast with can't believe it's not butter spray (0 points) and sugar free jam (0 points).
    Snack 1 - greek yogurt is so high cal, peanut butter too, kills me to eat these things when I have to count points, even though they are healthy. I probably would have gone with plain yogurt doused with splenda and cinnamon.
    Snack 2 - chips by themselves always make me hungrier (being sensitive to carbs sucks), but I might have eaten them anyway.
    Lunch - yum! Ratatouille sounds and looks good! this lunch would have made me hungry later because of the bread (carbs again), I know from experience I am better off eating a bigger main dish and no bread. I can't believe you actually drink seltzez! I would have had diet orange or diet lime soda.
    Dinner - yum, yum, yum, both to the crab cakes and salad. I am not a no-dressing kind of girl, I would have spent 1 point on some sweetened rice vinegar
    Snack 4 - air popped popcorn rules. I spray mine with can't believe it's not butter spray.

  6. Fascinating! I should try and do the same thing.. it's amazing what a difference it makes to see it all in one go. I would have swapped the tortilla chips for a miso soup or some fruit as I don't find chips do anything to fill me up. I think your lunch salad looked scrummy! Of course you are in the US and I'm in the UK so it's funny to see what stuff you have there that we don't have here. What does a Tootsie taste like? Haven't seen those here :)


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