Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can a bra fitting really change your life?

Note: The following review is completely unsolicited and uncompensated. I didn't mention that I was a blogger when I was at the store and only decided to write the review after my visit. I had a great experience and wanted to share it with other women.

I am not new to the bra-fitting game.  I have never been comfortable with the way my bras fit, but when I went to department stores or Victoria's Secret to get fitted, they just put me in the same size I was already wearing, a 36 D. When I told the fitter the last time that I was already wearing that size and it wasn't comfortable, she suggested I could try a 38, which seemed to fit even worse. These fitters all used a measuring tape and a formula to determine the size and then brought me bras to try on. They went on and everything fit inside the cups, but I still had troubles with the band riding up in back or the straps falling off my shoulders.

I was a fan of the TLC show "How to Look Good Naked," and Carson always took his charges to the same store, {intimacy}. I remembered the name because of the funny brackets. I thought if I was ever near one of the stores, I might try it.  I liked the way the women seemed to stand up straighter and feel more confident after their visit to the store.

I had sort of idly considered this before I left for my trip to Boston, but I was going for work and wasn't sure I would have time to shop.  I also figured that I might have trouble finding the store.  I was staying at Copley Place and was bored and killing some time by shopping, I saw a display on the sky bridge to the Prudential Center of a pretty bra set with the name {intimacy} and an arrow pointing back toward the shops at Copley Place. It was a sign, I thought. I decided to make an appointment for a fitting the next evening.

The fitter shook my hand and took me to a dressing room and said that the fittings worked differently than at most other places.  She asked me how my bras fit and I told her.  Then she said we would use the bra I was wearing as a tool to help us find the right size.  I had worn my best-fitting bra to the store. The first thing she did was grab the back of the band and say, "You're tiny! You don't need all of this." 


It seems like she had an amazing ability to guess cup size.  The first bra she gave me to try on fit perfectly, like it was custom-made.  Instead of a 36D, the bra she brought me was a 32F. The fitter didn't even do my usual trick of shortening the straps to keep them on my shoulders, because they fit fine.  Apparently, most women are in too big of a band size and too small a cup, because of the traditional formula that tells women to add 4 to their band measurement.  Most stores don't carry an F cup. That's not going to be a problem, though, because I liked everything I tried on so much that it was hard not to buy it all. I think I will be stocked up on bras for a while.  It was nice that the bras were all clearly marked with their prices and the fitter walked out of the dressing room to let me decide what I wanted.  There was no pressure. I also thought I would be uncomfortable being undressed in front of someone and having them help me into bras. The process was very hands-on, but it was also completely professional and I felt totally comfortable.

The bras were more than I was used to paying.  The ones I saw ranged in price from $65 to $135.  They are mostly European and seemed very well-made. I bought one black and one white basic bra, two pretty fashion bras, and matching bottoms for three of the bras. I also got a sports bra that I plan to use for running. My other sports bras are fine for yoga and cycling, but for running I think it's important to have one that fits just right. I also bought the special detergent to take care of my investment. I was a little nervous to buy so much stuff when I'm still trying to lose weight, but the shop does free alterations for the life of the bras and will also fix them for free if anything goes wrong. Everything I liked but did not buy is now on a wish list that is stored with my consultant, Natalie, along with my fit profile. If I want something new I can call or email her.

I spent a staggering amount on lingerie but I  think it was totally worth it.  I feel really good in the new bra, and I also look a lot better.  I feel about 10 pounds thinner with everything where it belongs.  My husband said I even seem to be standing up straighter, maybe because I finally have some proper support.  It is a little hard  to get used to the tighter band after all those years of wearing one that was too loose. I'm not sure the fitting changed my life, but I do feel a lot happier with my body.

There are ten stores already and two more opening soon. I found out that one of the new stores will be in the Detroit suburbs, which would be within reasonable driving distance if I need anything new or if I need another fitting.  I would definitely recommend that every woman try a fitting, even if you have been fitted before at another store. Just make sure you have a lot of room on your credit cards before you go. The fitting is free, but you will probably buy more than you expect.  Trust me.



    truly :)


  2. Wow! That sounds bloody amazing! Hooray for quality scaffolding :)

  3. Victoria's Secret fitters tried to tell me I was a B cup: I wear DD-F. They have *no* idea what they're doing (at least in San Francisco Bay Area shops I went to).

    Pricy undies are hard on the pocket, but *SO* much nicer to wear! Congrats on your new purchases! :)

  4. Carla, there is a store in Dallas... maybe it's time for a road trip?

    Jetspeaks, a friend of mine went with me who was in a 36A per V.S. -- intimacy put her in a 32D. It really changed the way she saw herself.

  5. wow! How exciting! Will obviously HAVE to come over for a trip!

  6. Thanks so much for this (I found you via Vickie)...there's one of these stores just 5 minutes from my office and I SO want a fitting!

  7. Living over in NZ, I'm pretty sure we don't have {intimacy} stores, but I totally agree that the right bra can just kind of change *everything*. When I was in the UK, I took the opportunity to get fitted for some new "Shock Absorber" sports bras for running, and oh *MAN*, the difference they make is just beyond my ability to put into words!

  8. Wow! Thanks for this. I just made a weight loss/healthy living blog! Check it out. :)


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