Friday, July 02, 2010

Official results from sprint triathlon

Apparently the results are still a little in flux.  Last I checked, I was #101. Now I'm #100.  That may be why the race isn't on my results page yet. Here they are, in case you are a tri geek. If not, the numbers probably won't mean much.  Interestingly, I did better in this 5K than I did the week before in a 5K where I hadn't swam and biked first.

Rank  Swim   T1    Rank   Bike  Rate T2    Rank   Run   Pace    Final 

73   19:29  1:44  100   41:34  15.4  1:30  121   32:14 10:45 1:36:29

One thing this tells you is that I was 73rd in the swim, 100th in the bike, and 121st in the run.  That means that I am a much better swimmer than I am a biker, and a better biker than a runner.  Or, more accurately, more people are better runners than I am than are better bikers or swimmers.  Running is a relatively easy sport to do and doesn't require fancy equipment.

On the day of the race, I was pretty disappointed with my bike time. I made such a big deal that I had this new bike and it was going to tear the world up, but I did just about the same as last year.  My brake may have been stuck, or maybe I just didn't train enough. It was also a hilly course and I have no hills to train on around here.  Anyway, who cares? There's still plenty of summer left and lots of time to ride (in fact, I'm going to go out as soon as I finish this post).

I had to race as a 40-year-old this year, because the USAT rules say that you race as the age you will be on December 31.  Bye, bye, 30s, at least for trithlon. As a runner, I still get to be 39 for a while.

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  1. Just found your blog through BlogHer! So glad I did. I'm also at a point where I have to lose or finish losing weight again! And I started doing triathlons last year to get fit as well. I'm a better swimmer than I am anything else, but I do them just to do them. I'm not worrying about times yet. It looks to me like you had a great race!
    When I started racing I had to start as a 50-year-old. I was 49. I think that was the toughest part!!
    Looking forward to reading more.


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