Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Biggest Loser Week 16: Makeover Week!

Makeover week is always a fun week on "The Biggest Loser." The contestants haven't been allowed to do much with their hair for four months now, so some of the guys are looking pretty scary. Daris and Michael both have big, bushy heads full of curls, so we know that some serious changes are in store for them. Koli and Sam are looking a little rough too. Ashley and Sunshine both have pretty nice hair at the beginning of the episode, so for me the suspense was all about the clothes in their case.

This time, unfortunately, we didn't have Tim Gunn there to steer the contestants' fashion choices. Contestants were given $1000 each and limos to take them around to the shops. I got a little teary-eyed when Sam, Koli, Daris, and Sunshine all realized that for the first time in a long time, they could shop in "normal" stores. Ashley and Michael, who still have further to go, seemed a little frustrated about still being in plus sizes.

The girls' makeovers didn't really do much for me. Sunshine picked out a dress that looked like a banana with a zipper, and Ashley's outfit was very 1980s with long black tights and a black dress. Neither looked as good as I think they could have. The stylists straightened and then curled Sunshine's hair in a way that made it look overdone. I think she would have looked prettier if they had either flatironed it or just left her with her natural curls. Ashley's hair looked about the same as it always does.

The guys, however, all looked great. Even the big nerdy glasses and 80s-style knit tie Koli was wearing didn't take away from his great transformation. He looked very sharp in a jacket with close-cropped hair. Sam's jawbone looked chiseled with a new haircut and shave. The outfit he chose made him look like a professional athlete or a sharp, P. Diddy-style rap star. Michael looks so much better without his hedge-like 'fro. Daris was the biggest transformation, though. His hair looks great shorter, and he wore jeans and a Western-style shirt that made him look like a very hot cowboy.

The contestants all were surprised to see members of their families, who screeched in disbelief at the way they looked. Stupidly, I was surprised to notice that a lot of them had overweight family members. Michael's sister just broke down when she realized that she was now "the bigger sister," and Michael promised to teach her what he had learned.

The contestants and their families got a private concert from a singer who looked like a Barbie doll. I was too distracted by her tiny pink tutu to really pay much attention to the music. There was some amazing footage of the contestants at their starting weights, and it is really hard to believe how much different they look and act now than they did four months ago.

There was a really crazy challenge, where contestants had to climb the Jacob Ladder machines while suspended over a swimming pool. The first to quit would get a 1-pound disadvantage, and the winner would get a 1-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Predictably, Ashley dropped out first after three minutes, followed not long after by Michael. The other four held out longer. Sunshine was on the thing for over an hour. Sam talked about how Koli was going to hang in with him and then let him win, but Sam fell off and was out. It was Koli and Daris for more than two hours on these nutty ladders. Daris seemed to just get bored and quit. Koli looked surprised to have finally won something on his own, being so used to being in Sam's shadow.

Michael and Sam had the lowest percentage of weight loss in the challenge. As popular as Sam was, Michael got really scared. He really campaigns to stay on the show, saying "I'm only 5 pounds lighter than Daris was when he started." Poor Michael has lost almost 200 pounds and is still as heavy as a smallish Biggest Loser male contestant on Day 1. Koli and Sunshine both vote to keep Sam on the show, but Ashley and Daris were already talking about being sick of the Sam-Koli block, and have also seem to have made a deal with Michael in exchange for keeping him on the show.

I'm glad that Sam went home. I like him and he is nice to look at, but he is at his goal weight, so what is the point of keeping him there? Also, Koli will do better now that he's not Sam's sidekick. Besides, we got to see footage of Sam and Stephanie in their new L.A. apartment, looking all cute and gooey-eyed at each other.


  1. Totally agree with you on the makeovers! I wish they would bring back Tim Gunn. They tried to turn Sunshine into Beyonce. None of the others really impressed me, though I was pretty speechless on Daris' makeover. He looks like a completely different person. So cute! I also really loved the Sam/Stephanie lovefest at the end.

  2. I cried when I saw Daris.....just amazing, his transformation. That, and the fact that he ran that 5k a week or two back in under 22 minutes. Stoked!!!

    I agree with you about the girls. Really weird dress choices!!! Hrm!

  3. The whole show my hubby was going on and on about how it sucked without Tim Gunn. I have to agree that it is better with him there to help. But I did like the girl's clothes. But then again I am a HUGE 80's fan. But I really was not all that impressed with the makeovers this year. Don't get me wrong everyone has completely changed and looks absolutely amazing. It is just that the transformations were not all that, not like usual.

    I loved Koli's look. Loved Daris of course and Michael looked great. I can now see Michael's eyes instead of staring at that mop on his head. I didn't care for Sam's outfit at all.

    I had to roll my eyes when Sunshine was going on about how proud her Dad would be if he was there. She just does not let up with that stuff.

    I was glad that Sam was the one sent home. Michael, Daris, and my girl Ashley are my favs this season. I was stoked that they all made it another week. Now if only 2 of them don't fall below the yellow line together then they will all 3 make it into the final four since they have their "deal".

    I also so loved seeing Sam and Stephanie. So cute together and what a nice apartment. I wish them nothing but happiness and a continued success on their healthy journey.

  4. SAM looked so sexy!! I am so happy for him. Sad to see him go, but it was the right choice. He will do well on his own. Michael has a way to go.

    I really find it sad that Ashley, after 4 months of training, lasted only 3 min on Jacobs Ladder. If she doesn't want to be here she should go home, someone else is more likely to push it as far as they can. If shes ever up for elimination with someone else, I hope they see through her and give her the boot. I was surprised to learn that she had lost the most out of any girl ever on the ranch. It was good to hear her say that she is not an athletic person, it made sence.


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