Wednesday, May 05, 2010

30 in 30: Sexy and 17

Actually, I didn't feel all that sexy when I was running today. I need to get some more capri-length pants with pockets. I wore long tights, which were a bad choice on a hot day, and none too flattering either, only because they had a pocket for my keys and my capris were in the wash. Or I could get a fanny pack (the horror!) for carrying my iPhone, my keys, etc. I think I'd rather die of heatstroke, or just buy some more capris. I wore a loose tank top but that didn't help much for comfort or flattery. It was in the mid 70s again today and I still have not quite acclimatized to the heat.

Fashion mumblings aside, I did do Week 2, Day 2 of Bridge to 10K today, which is 3 15-minute intervals of running with only a minute walk between intervals plus warmup and cooldown walks. I definitely got my minutes in.

I love that the app I use allows me to listen to podcasts. Today I listened to the latest episode of The Biggest Loser Fan Podcast and a few back episodes of Inside Out Weight Loss. Even though it was a pain to download the back episodes of IOWL, I think it was worth it. It's helping me with the mental aspect of weight loss. I downloaded the first 60 episodes and then the most recent few. The only annoying thing is that this podcast is like "The Biggest Loser," always recapping for you what happened in all previous episodes, so if you listen to two or three in a row, it starts to feel like a bit much. I will try to get a detailed review posted soon, but for now, I recommend you check it out for yourself.

Speaking of "The Biggest Loser," now that I'm done with some grading, I am going to post a review of last night's show. It was a good one -- makeover week!

I think I will try to get out on the bike tomorrow if weather permits. How are you doing with the challenge? Are you still keeping that momentum going? If you have done the minimum for all 17 days, you have now done 510 minutes of activity! That's more than a full work day.


  1. Man oh Man! Today was a circuit workout at the gym...for 500 calories burned. Pretty sure I am going to be hurting tomorrow!

    Think I might go out later and do a 3 mile walk...

    The workout fashion can be such a PITA! We need pockets!

  2. Love the fashion writings!! It is easier for me to carry everything in the winter runs! I try to take the only key I need and stick it in my bra. I don't need to take my cell phone, but I put my ipod in one of those arm bands. Then I am hands free!!!!

  3. I'm inspired to make a strong start today! The iowl podcasts are a big help. How did you download the archived episodes to your iphone? I'm stumped!

  4. I think she no longer allows free downloads. You can buy the old episodes on


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