Sunday, May 02, 2010

30 in 30 Challenge: Day 14, Two Weeks In

Tomorrow will be the halfway point of our 30 in 30 challenge. Pretty exciting!

Today I planted some vegetables and watermelons in my parents' garden. We have a tiny backyard, so we just do a few tomato plants and some herbs at our place, but I planted red and green pepper plants, a cucumber, an eggplant, some broccoli, a few Swiss chard, and some beets. And watermelons. I want to get some seeds too: Peas and carrots and radishes. My parents plant corn, tomatoes, and zucchini. If even some of it grows, free groceries! I'm not sure how long I spent gardening.

I also did my masters' swim workout, which lasts an hour. He really worked us today. I had to do some butterfly drills (which I can't really do right and hate). We got to do four sprints, and I finished ahead of the other two people who were doing them all four times. Woot!

I found an interesting new podcast called "Inside Out Weight Loss." I have only listened to a few episodes, but I like it so far. I downloaded about 60 back episodes to my iPod (I hate that they show up in music instead of podcasts) to listen to while working out.

One thing I've decided is that I'm staying off the scale for the rest of the 30 in 30 challenge. I want to focus on improving my behavior instead of hoping to get away with mediocre behavior on the scale. First task: Journal everything, every day, no matter what. I will weigh in at the end and hopefully will see some results from my efforts with the challenge.

How are you doing? Any breakthroughs? Any good fitness finds?


  1. Hiking today, weights and elliptical yesterday.

    I'll check out the podcast.

    I'm jealous you can do anything resembling butterflies without drowning!

  2. That is what I need to focus on staying off the scale every morning. I told my self friday morning I wasn't going to step on it. I did manage to stay off till 6:30am when I got home from a Zumba workout. I told my self Saturday morning I wasn't going to step on it, didn't work I stepped. I told myself this morning this was the last time this week. Man why can I not stay off the scale. I am going to challenge myself too after reading your blog.

  3. We planted a little garden last week...can't wait to see if anything grows! Good Luck with yours!

    I did The Bun Run 5K this morning!

  4. HAPPPPY HALFWAY (halfweigh? :)) point.

    I can not believe how time/life/days are flying.


  5. Yesterday was a bust. Can't really say I was active. I did some housework and shopped a little, but I'm not counting it. Sigh. Got lot's planned today, though. And the rest of the week for that matter! Maybe I'll just start over!


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07