Sunday, April 11, 2010

Triathlon training update

So far I have registered for one sprint triathlon this June, but I am considering a second sprint in July and a super-sprint in May. I am also considering a 5K open water swim in August.

The reason that all of these things are under consideration is that I'm waiting to see how my body responds to training before signing up for a bunch of events. I recently had some problems with pain and numbness in the toes of my left foot -- that now seems to be mostly under control, though it flares up occasionally. I am almost all the way through the Couch to 5K training plan I used to ease myself back into running after rehabbing the injury. I'm also having some issues with my right shoulder.

I got a little something that I'm hoping will help with the shoulder problems, once I get the final part in. This is a Trek Women's Specific Design bike, and it fits me really well except that the handlebars are too wide. The bike shop didn't have a narrower set in stock, so they let me take it home as is and they are going to call me when it's ready. I already took the bike out for an hour yesterday, and I can tell that the handlebar swap will make a difference. I do appreciate the carbon fiber in the fork, seat post, and in the seat stays -- my old bike was all aluminum and I felt every bump in the road. On this one, my bum shoulder was the only thing that gave me any discomfort -- the bike fits me so much better and I felt like I could ride forever.

The rest of the training is going pretty well. With triathlon training, the hard part is always figuring out how to get all the necessary workouts in. I am still having trouble getting the strength training in, even though I know I need it. The running, biking, and swimming are obvious essentials. The yoga and Pilates classes I do are classes, so I feel more obligated to go if I sign up. I have been getting in at least one Spinning class a week and one swim workout, though I'd like to bump both of those up to two a week.

This is a busy time in the semester for me, and I'm hoping that when school is over (in only 4 weeks, can't believe it), I will have more time and mental energy for training. I'm hoping I can also get the injury things figured out. I can't help but think they might be related to my thyroid issues. I have appointments with the allergist and an endocrinologist coming up, so maybe one of them can give me some insight on how to feel better.

Sorry for the boring post, but did I mention that I have A NEW BIKE?


  1. YEs!! ANd she is beautiful!! What r u going to name her?

  2. I've never really named cars or bikes. My husband said I should call it "Mean Green" and I said I could call it "Mean Jo Green" (as a play on the old football player in the Coke commercial).

    With the color scheme, it really has the look of a pack of gum, so in the back of my mind I tend to think of it as "Minty." Do you think I could parlay this into an Extra Gum sponsorship? :)

    Probably I'll just call it "my bike."

  3. What is the difference between a sprint and a super sprint?

    How exciting that you got a new bike! It is my dream to be fitted for one (and buy it) someday!

  4. A super sprint is 1/2 the distance (or less) than a sprint. This one would just be a nice warmup to the real races.

  5. What a wonderful bike! I don't begin to understand the specs but know you've been looking/wanting one for some time now, and hope this makes your bike riding more fun and comfortable. You're pacing yourself well on building back to your running after the injuries.


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