Sunday, March 14, 2010

I might just swim to the moon

I found an event that looks really appealing called "Swim to the Moon." It's a 5K open water swim. I'm really excited about the idea of trying something like this -- something I have a pretty good idea that I could do, but am not 100% sure that I could do.

I talked to my swimming coach and he thinks it would be a challenge but that I could do it. He said that to estimate the difficulty of a swim, you can consider what it would be like to run four times that distance. So a 5K swim is similar in difficulty to a half marathon. He also reminded me that we swim almost 2 miles in our one-hour practices.

I think if I can keep my shoulder healthy, I could do it. They give you 50 minutes per mile to complete the course, and in other open water swims, a mile takes me about 30 minutes. I would slow down to do a longer distance, but probably not that much.

I haven't registered yet, but I'm thinking really seriously about a swim to the moon.

By the way, if any of you were wondering what happened with my Wii Fit decision, I decided that it would be much more useful in the winter. I will wait until fall to buy one. By then I should know if there's a newerfasterbettercooler version that I'll want to get instead.

For spring, I would rather buy a new bike.

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  1. Wow - this sounds really challenging and AWESOME! I hope you do it!


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