Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Biggest Loser Week 9: Sometimes It's Not Fair

This week started off with a trivia challenge, and the Black Team felt very confident that they could win. Two of the members of the Blue Team yukked it up for the camera about how dumb they felt and how much smarter the Black Team seemed than they were. The trivia questions were all from the latest Biggest Loser book. The prize was a day at a new local Four Seasons resort, where the contestants would get spa treatments and eat healthy but luxurious food. The Black Team seemed much more excited about this prize, but neither team wanted to lose, because it meant cleaning both the kitchen and the gym. There obviously is a cleaning crew that usually does these tasks, because we've never seen the kitchen and gym looking as bad as they did this week. The trivia questions are all pretty obscure, though, and after two overconfident guesses by the Black Team that opened the door for Blue Team to luck into the right answers, Michael wins it for the Blue Team by knowing how many calories are in an ounce of avocado (50, for the players at home). This avocado fact is followed up later by an integration where the Blue Team learns they can put avocado on their sandwiches instead of mayonnaise or salad dressing for less fat and more flavor.

We see the Black Team sulkily cleaning the kitchen and the machines in the gym, while the Blue Team gets massaged and slathered in masks and treated to tiny portions of beautiful healthy food. They seem most excited about just getting off the Biggest Loser campus. Black Team is obviously feeling resentful, but Jillian gets them sweating and working out hard and they decide they're going to do what they can to lose their "loser" mentality. When the Blue Team comes back from their mini-vacation and sees the Black Team flipping ropes and Sam breaking equipment because he's so studly, they quickly get serious themselves and sweat it out. Bob has them do some weird activity where most of the team makes bridges with their bodies while one player has to crawl through them -- I don't understand what the point of this was supposed to be, except to look silly on television. Mission accomplished there.

Sherry is obviously feeling the pressure this week because her fellow mom Cheryl is gone and she's the only older person left on a team of twenty-somethings. Her daughter, Ashley, admits to Jillian that she feels obligated to take care of her mom all the time, and has ever since her father died. There are hints that Sherry was very depressed after her husband died and Ashley took on the role of surrogate parent. Jillian says, "The way to be a confident person who takes care of yourself is to start doing it," and marches her over to have a talk with her mom. Sherry seems relieved to have the air cleared -- as audience members, I'm not sure we fully understand what Ashley has been doing that she plans to stop doing, but both Ashley and Sherry agree that they need to start living their own lives and stop being overly dependent on each other. This seems to be a hint of things to come later in the show.

There is a second challenge with hunky celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who is starting to seem less hunky and more annoying every time we see him. Lance is wearing what looks like a twisty tie in his Horrible Beard because he has been warned that there will be cooking involved. Each team has to make an appetizer, main course, and dessert with just 12 ingredients, and they have to take turns choosing ingredients from a big table of things. Unfortunately for the Blue Team, Italian Stallion Michael has been called home to spend time with his sick grandmother, so they are missing their best cook. Sunshine tries to pick up the slack, but there are some creative cooks on the Black Team, and though they lose the main course round because of some undercooked wild rice, they win with their appetizer and dessert. The challenge is for a whopping 5-pound advantage in the weigh-in, which seems to be the producers' attempts to throw the Black Team a bone and help them beat their losing streak.

Unfortunately for Black, the weigh-in does not go well for them. Sam has a better week, but Stephanie has another small loss. The other women do well, but even with the 5-pound advantage, it's not enough. Blue Team has huge losses this week, including a tearful milestone for Koli, who gets under 300 pounds and also surpasses 100 pounds lost in 9 weeks. It all comes down to Michael, who has been traveling. Black Team has a tiny hope that he won't have lost because of the bloat from flying, but he dropped 11 pounds even on a trip home, so Black Team goes back to the elimination room.

Despite a plea from Sherry, who has been hoping to be the next Helen and win the whole thing, she seems destined to be the one to go. The Black Team has alliances -- Sam is immune because he lost the most, and the three young women have promised each other to stick together. It's mean, but I had been rooting for her to go home, not only because I think Ashley will do better without her mom as a distraction, but because Sherry's garish makeup was really bugging me. She continues to lose at home, and is down to 138 pounds in her "Where Are They Now" video, which shows her kayaking and living it up in Tennessee.

Next week, all the contestants are going home, which always makes for an interesting episode.

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  1. Yeah, what was up with that bridge thing? The black team is going to have a tough time. I think the producers were trying to throw a bone to them with the five pound advantange, hoping it would make a difference (assuming they won it).


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