Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still no running

I got a bit delusional and thought I might get cleared to run after today's podiatrist appointment. No dice -- I knew I wouldn't be able to after I tried a longish brisk walk -- the problem in my toes flared up again. I need to plan some intense workouts around my physical therapy appointments -- Spinning, swimming, etc. -- and give my feet some time.

It's funny because I have a shirt that says "I run therefore I am," which I thought was kind of a snotty slogan when I first bought it, but then it started to remind me that I felt most myself when I was active and fit. Now I'm having to find ways to work around the injury without losing that sense of myself. It's probably a good lesson.

I'm going to do my therapy exercises while watching "The Biggest Loser" tonight.

Mal tipped me off to the existence of a book by TBL's Dr. H. on her blog -- and of course I had to get it. It just arrived today and I will be reviewing it at some point in the future. I've read the first 50 or so pages and I'm really fascinated. More soon.

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  1. No idea he had a book! I really like him, he's always so enthusiastic. :) I'll look forward to your review.


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