Monday, December 07, 2009

Meeting today: Disappointing all around

I have a work-related commitment tomorrow during my regular Weight Watchers meeting, and I was anxious to find out if there were any exciting changes to the program, so I went to a meeting today. This was the meeting I started with when I rejoined Weight Watchers, and I am really glad I switched meeting. The same member that monopolized a lot of time with her pumpkin muffin recipe was going on and on again today, and her voice just set my teeth on edge. The meeting topic was boring -- holiday stress, again -- and the leader kept asking over and over whether any of us eat in response to stress. Well, it is a Weight Watchers meeting -- of course we do, and none of the antidotes are suggestions we haven't heard before.

There was no talk about any changes to the program until I asked. There were no changes, except that there are nicer-looking books and the trackers have wider lines in them. And, of course, there are new Member Kits and cookbooks and all that jazz. And there is a little pamphlet with tips and a recipe.

Yawn. Not worth going to a Monday morning meeting for, especially since I had a gain. I think it's a consequence of weighing in the day after a party and not anything to worry about. My birthday is coming up on Wednesday and we celebrated a little early.

I'm sick of the "Survive the Holidays" stuff I see everywhere. The problem is not a problem of survival. Our issue is getting through the holidays without popping a button on our fat pants, not managing to live through them.

Stress is a natural part of life. Let's stop talking about trying to distract ourselves from our emotions with knitting or cleaning house or taking a walk. Let's accept that we can survive a little stress. Let's notice our emotions and realize that if Uncle Fred aggravates me, it doesn't mean that either of us is a terrible person. We all step on each other's toes now and then and most of the time, we do it without meaning to. Sure, there are a few people out there who like to intimidate others and make them feel bad about their lives with nasty pointed questions, but mostly it is just social blundering.

And if you're doing too much: STOP. Maybe you don't need to send a holiday card to anyone who ever said hello to us and bake 4,000 cookies of 5 different kinds to give to everyone (who probably is on a diet too and really doesn't want the extra temptation). No one will hate you if, instead of poring through dozens of stores and catalogs and websites to get the exact perfect gifts, you get everyone gift certificates for iTunes or Starbucks or spa treatments or Here's a big anti-stress secret: People who love you do not want you to put yourself through the wringer or into excessive debt to please them.

I am hoping that the next 4 weeks of Weight Watchers aren't more of the same, but I'm imagining that they will be. I think that maybe the boring meeting topics might at least partly explain why attendance at December meetings is light.


  1. All the survive the holiday talk... ugh. If they were actually giving me useful and NEW advice, I would appreciate it! They aren't. ;)

    Sorry the meeting was so awful :(

  2. Here, here!
    The message in your italics is so evident, and yet so hard to grasp, somehow.

  3. well said jen... so bloody true!!! we should have got you on for the holidays podcast (i hope we didn't tell anyone to knit, i better re-listen!)

  4. Oh dear.
    Now I'm going to go to the meeting tomorrow and have to listen to that stuff? Arrrrrgh...

  5. I don't comment on here often, but I do love this blog and this entry is one of the reasons. It's true, stress is a part of life and we can and do "live" to tell about stressful times. And yes, people who love you don't want you to put yourself through the wringer or go into debt to please them. Very true and worth reading this time of year. Thanks.


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