Friday, November 27, 2009

Looking for a good, simple online workout tracker

I am interested in tracking my workouts online so that I could post a link to my workout journal for blog readers who were interested, so I didn't have to spend the time writing blog posts about my weekly workouts to be able to share that information. I want something very simple. I looked into SparkPeople, but it looks like it is more complicated than what I want -- all I want is something that will let me track activity and duration. For example: TRX suspension training, minutes. Etc. Nothing that wants me to enter every single exercise I did and the number of reps. That's too much work for me.

The closest thing I've found so far is Athlinks "What did you do today?" I may use that if I can't find anything else.

I would prefer something that either had an iPhone app or a mobile-optimized interface so that I could journal right from my iPod Touch/iPhone.

Anyone using something they love? Drop me a comment or an email.



  1. I think I've seen you post about using the Lose It! app before - you can track exercise on that. I think its pretty basic though, maybe too basic for your purposes? Check it out anyway :)

  2. I like

  3. LoseIt! does let you track your workouts and so does WW, but not in a way that lets you share the information with others.


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