Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm such a cliché

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Up again. Crap. To make it worse, we had a super-perky substitute leader from another center. Even though I missed my regular meeting, I tried to choose a meeting with the same leader, but she was out. I hope she will be there Tuesday.

I knew that I had lost my focus last week, and that I had slacked off not only on the Good Health Guidelines but on journaling in general. So in one sense the weight gain is not surprising. It does seem like this is all more of a struggle than it should be.

I saw a new doctor yesterday for a new-patient consultation. I had not considered her as an option because I knew her personally from a fitness club, but I talked to her after my last experience and she thought it would be fine. I brought a copy of my bloodwork and she was concerned with some of the thyroid-related results. She ordered a second test and included some other measures of thyroid function. She suspects I might have borderline hypothyroidism. The symptoms she mentioned -- weight gain, fatigue, constipation -- seem like common enough things, but then I did some more reading and I have other suspicious symptoms: Vertigo, moodiness, dry eyes, sluggishness, tightness in the chest.

I am waiting a little anxiously for the test results. I got a book on thyroid conditions yesterday and it suggests that even with treatment, I'd need to do the same things I'm currently trying to do: Eat right, exercise, manage stress, take the appropriate supplements. If I do have a thyroid issue and it gets addressed, it could make this all a little less of a struggle.

Or, it could turn out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and I just need to get motivated and work harder. That's OK. I don't want a chronic health condition.

I just want to know the truth, and what to do about it.

At the very least, I am happy to have a doctor who is smart, asks the right questions, and makes thoughtful choices. That's a big relief.


  1. In addition, there are the books that Mary Shomon has written about thyroid conditions. (She write for the thyroid page, if you want to check her out.)

    Also, is your doctor checking for antibodies to Hashimoto's thyroiditis? Even if you're normal, or borderline normal, on the TSH level, the presence of antibodies would suggest the need for thyroid supplement.

    I could really relate to that earlier post about needing to find a doctor who listens to you!

  2. I am glad you are looking into this. I had a friend who had an undiagnosed thyroid problem and it caused depression. I have always wondered about mine because I have symptoms that make me suspicious but I get a blood test periodically and they tell me it is normal. I am wondering if there are other tests and we could be missing something. My father had thyroid issues and has been on medicne for a very long time and my mother now has something, too... good topic. Thanks


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