Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I lost two weeks in a row! Down 1.2

I was not expecting a great loss this week, to be honest. I was about 40 points over for the week and I had such a great loss last week that I thought I'd either maintain or have a partial-pound loss or gain. I actually asked the receptionist, "Are you kidding me?" when she gave me the news. This receptionist is a sub who is not usually at our meetings, but she weighed me in last week and this week.

I am out of the 170s and am less than a pound away from my 5%. Even though the ticker at the top of the site doesn't reflect it, I have lost a total of 7.6 since I started attending meetings, and 8 pounds will be my 5%. So of course, my goal for next week is to get that 5% star.

I am going to stick with the Good Health Guidelines, despite any skepticism I might have, because I can't argue with my success. I think that by focusing on these foods, I'm eating less junky things.

One other change I've made, and I hesitate to mention this, is that I've cut back on my running. Instead of doing 2-hour long runs, I'm doing 40-45 minutes. I also have been more diligent about getting my strength training in. Between that and the swimming, I'm starting to feel some solid muscles in my arms -- once I lose some of the fat on top of them, I could have some nice definition.

I've obviously hit on a combination of things that is working for me, so I'm just going to stick with it. Only 14.2 pounds to my goal, and it's starting to feel like I'm going to get there.


  1. I'm more of lurker than an actual commenter over here, but I just wanted to let you know I've been following along as you've implemented the Good Health Guidelines and these posts have all been really interesting to me. Congratulations on your progress!


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Hilary, and coming out of the shadows.

    Just tracked my weight in the online tools and GRRRR, WW took away a point! Weight loss has its downside.

  3. CONGRATS! What a fabulous surprise!

  4. you go, girlfriend! Sounds like you have indeed found a sweet spot combo of things that are really paying off. Congrats, and grab that 5% with both hands -- maybe you should keep the receptionist, too!

  5. Great job! I am happy you found a system that works for you! That is usually the tricky part ;)

  6. It seems you've found the balance between what you can do and what works. Congrats! It is a huge piece of the puzzle!!

  7. Grinning like a chesire cat here... well done Jen :)

  8. Excellent news, Jen! Love hearing you're getting results for all your hard work!


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07