Monday, October 19, 2009

Swim update

I emailed my coach after the frustrating swim practice last night and he said next week I will be in a lane that is more my pace. Now I'll have to keep up or look silly for complaining!

I am literally dealing with a pain in my butt this morning. I first noticed it after swim practice, so I really think it might be from all the kicking. My right glute feels like it is tied up in knots today. I did some yoga and took a walk to stretch it, and I am also giving some serious thought to getting a massage today. I am taking a little breather after my busy week.

My toes look very pretty after the pedicure. I got a dark metallic purply-blue -- something different and not at all summery. I am still wearing my flip flops for fear of ruining the paint job!


  1. Good thing you brought this to the coach's attention. If you don't complain, you never stand a shot at getting what you want/need. And of course as you mentioned, you have incentive to work harder too. About the pain in the butt, might it be your pirformis? I know it is a runner's injury but maybe it is a swimmer's too.

  2. I am happy he listened and moved you over! :) I would have been frustrated in the slow lane too.

    My butt is sore as well! But from doing the 30 Day Shred. Hee hee.

  3. I'm so impressed that you're swimming with an organized group (masters' group maybe?). I'm a chicken about that, and I've been resolving for the last several years to get over my fear and just show up for a practice. As for the glute muscle issue, sometimes I roll my glute back and forth over a foam roller (much more G-rated than it sounds) to try to alleviate tightness. It usually hurts to do that, but it's a good kind of hurt :)


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