Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally did it... ordered a heart rate monitor

I tend to resist gadgetry (I was trying to find my "Running free" post, but the blog search feature doesn't seem to work well), not because I don't like technology (I do) or because I am cheap (just a little). It's mostly because I find it distracting and also think that you can have too much information.

When I was at Dr. Pushy's office the second time and mentioned running, she asked how far I went. I told her I just track my time, not distance. She said I should get this new gadget for my iPod that tracks distance. "It's only about $30." I don't care how much it costs, I don't want to know my pace on a daily basis because I know myself and know that if my pace was slow on a given day, I'd be upset about it. If every workout became a race, I'd find training a lot less enjoyable. I didn't bother to mention that to Dr. Pushy because it was pretty clear that she is not that interested in me or my problems. As soon as I resolve a Coordination of Benefits issue with my insurance companies (the one that is supposed to be my primary is trying to get my secondary insurance to pay for all these tests that she ordered), I'm finding a new doctor.

I have used a heart rate monitor before and I know that they can be both useful and distracting. The battery died in my last one, and it's expensive and difficult to get them replaced. I decided to get a newer one with a calorie counter, as Jillian recommends. My old one just had a heart rate monitor and a stopwatch. This one also has a feature to eliminate interference from other people's monitors, which should be useful in Spinning classes, where I had problems with the old one sometimes.

The problems I had at my half marathon make me wonder if I have been training too hard or the wrong way. I think that having some data could help me make that determination.


  1. I won't ever work up to running again, but this does sound useful for you.

  2. Oh yeah - gotta love that data!

  3. Ohh I love gadgets. I do not have a heart rate monitor, though, so I am excited to hear how your second experience is. I usually run on the treadmill at the gym, but I never want to stop swinging my arms long enough to grab the hand-held heart monitors. Maybe it is something I can consider? I had also heard about an iPod accessory that can coordinate your music with your pace from your shoe. Maybe that's too far?

  4. I don't run, but bought a heart rate monitor because my heart rate runs high. I'm working with a cardiologist to figure out why. The monitor helps me track how fast it's going. I stand up and walk to the kitchen and my heart rate will go to 130. So walking on the treadmill at a good pace, it gets up to 160-170. (I'm almost 50yo so that rate is a little higher than it should be.) When we were walking on the treadmill at the fitness center of a hotel, I was wearing my HRM and the treadmill picked up the signal without me holding the handles. It surprised me! I usually just walk on my treadmill at home and it's years old, so doesn't have all of the new technology.

    I think the HRMs are very useful. Mine is an Omron recommended by John at John is Fit. Love it!
    Path to Health

  5. Nothing like a new GADGET :) Is that the Polar f11? *she says nerdily*

    Just to be lazy i shall comment on other entries in one comment... well bloody done on your swimming! It will be interesting to see how it goes with the HRM... I think I'd get so caught up in checking my time I'd barrell into the lane ropes!

    And thank you for your kind words re podcast, i hold your opinion in such high regard so when i saw the post there was an actual audible squeal :)

  6. It's the F7. :)

  7. > I decided to get a newer one with
    > a calorie counter,

    I use a program called Food And Exercise Diary (WeightlossSoftware.Com). It has a medical diary, food diary, and moods and feelings diary. So I can see relations between my foods, medication and moods. So the FED lets me figure out what is causing problems, and what works.


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