Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Biggest Loser Week 5: Lots of spoilers in this one.

Seriously, there is just no way to talk about this episode without giving things away. Here's your last chance to avert your eyes.

This was the week that they went from teams of two to Blue Team and Black Team. All the players had the option to try to win the chance to pick the teams. Guess who won? At this point, the players are getting really superstitious about Tracey: "She has the ability to take control of the game anytime she wants to." Coach Mo said that when Tracey stepped up to play, a strange wind kicked up and there was the sense that she was definitely going to win it.

Of course everyone was unhappy with the way Tracey picked the teams, though they looked pretty fair to me. She split up two sets of partners that were really attached to each other. She loaded up her team with players who had huge weight loss potential. Seriously, though, the drama over the teams started to seem overblown. In a way, I think that Tracey stacked the deck against herself, because the chances of her being the week's Biggest Loser consistently are really small, given all the huge people she has on her team.

Besides, Tracey must not be as bad as she seems to me on this show. If she was, would her team have let the perfect opportunity to get rid of her slip by and instead vote off a completely harmless player? It may be a case of selective editing. Still, I was furious that they chose to keep her, until I realized that Coach Mo was in serious pain day after day, and really needed the opportunity to go home and rest. He seemed to be doing well on his own and even sharing what he learned with kids in his neighborhood.

Still, in Season 6, the contestants let a similar chance to get rid of Vicky slip by, and I think they regretted it. Maybe this season's Blue Team will have the same problem, or it may be that this batch of contestants has figured out that they can either stew over Tracey's decisions, or they can take control of their own weight loss. Because, really, crying because your partner is on the other side of the gym from you seems a little silly, doesn't it?

There was a commercial on this show that really caught my attention. I have been saying for a long time that when the show was winding down, there would be a launch of "Biggest Loser" resorts. It's not that I'm psychic, it's just such an obvious next step: The show has perfected the science of big-number weight loss, and it seems only reasonable that people would be willing to pay a lot to have the chance to try it for themselves:

Like the show, the resort focuses on weight loss, albeit without all that intense competition and TV exposure. Guests can choose from a one-week package ($1,995 for a private room; $1,595 per person for a double) or a four-week stay ($7,200 and $5,600) plus tax.

An average day consists of six hours of exercise, including hiking in nearby Snow Canyon State Park; three low-fat, low-calorie meals (total daily calorie intake is limited to 1,200 per day); and access to on-site dietitians and counselors.

If you've been watching the show, you've seen contestants win trips to Fitness Ridge Resort and Spa before. Now that spa has entered into a contract with "The Biggest Loser" to offer a branded experience, though without Bob and Jillian, for fans of the show who want to kickstart their weight loss.


  1. Hi Jen,

    I watched the show too and had a lot of similar reactions. The idea of exercising for 6 hours a day... I shudder at the thought! I admire anyone who goes on the show or heads to that "resort".

  2. Love your blog. I thought it was interesting that they didn't vote Theresa off. But I think you are right there is editing going on.Liz

  3. Always look forward to your TBL posts.

    I too, was shocked by the team not getting rid of Tracey (crazy eyes as my kids call her)! She's a manipulating boo hoo-er "It killed me sob sob to have to sob sob write down his name sob sob boo hoo". The blue team made a very bad error by not getting rid of her . . . even if they lost the next round weigh-in - they could of then gotten rid of Mo, if his chronic pain was holding the team back.

    I think you might have nailed the selective editing thing - though I'm pretty sure both trainers have had their patience tried with Tracey.


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