Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Biggest Loser Week 4: Ordering In

There is always a twist on "The Biggest Loser." This week, the contestants entered their nice, safe kitchen with all its pre-approved food, only to find locks on all the cupboard doors. The contestants have to call in orders for takeout from menus. It wasn't clear to me whether they were dealing with a real restaurant, or if there was just an off-camera kitchen cooking their food, but either way, they had to spell out exactly what they wanted and how they wanted it prepared, and then hope that it came the way they asked for it. Several orders got botched and the contestants had to dissect their food before eating it. Bob and Jillian took them all out for Mexican food and a lesson in being assertive at restaurants.

This week's episode didn't have a lot of pizazz. Though there was a big "Karmic payback" hyped for Tracey, it's really hard to be excited that she has what seems to be a terrible injury. I don't like her, but I would feel seriously ripped off if I went to "The Biggest Loser" and never had a chance to workout with the trainers. I wish they had explained a little more what was wrong with her. The physical challenge was sort of a boring one too. And the "pop challenge" about guessing which meal had the least calories seemed very easy, until the contestants had to start guessing how many calories were in the lowest-calorie meal.

Sometimes I think they overdo the "feel sorry for Shay" routine, but she really seems to have a tough life. It was a little sad to hear her say that she worked three jobs, and if she had one the prize of a year's healthy groceries, she could quit one of them. The trainers made a point to tell all the players not to forget that all the players have reasons for being on the show, and not to get caught up in who deserves it most -- I think to counteract the idea that any player should be given a free pass because of personal hardships.

I think next week is set up to be an interesting one. Hopefully Tracey's injury will be healed and we can see if she jumps into the workouts like the "panther" she says she is or if she gets a rude awakening from Bob and Jillian. It looks, from the preview, like there is some opportunity for more gameplay and control-freakishness next time, with one person winning the right to divide the players up into blue and black teams. Still, I remember one season where all the big guys ended up on one team and Jillian got all the smaller players. Her team still pulled the better numbers.

It just goes to show -- everyone wants control over others, but the real winners are the ones who focus on themselves and their own goals.

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  1. I just remember that Bob said...the game players are usually the ones that gain their weight back!


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