Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Biggest Loser Week 2: Working together

First of all, I missed more than half an hour of last night's show. Our DVR fails to record shows now and then, and I think in this case it is because TBL keeps changing its name. Luckily, TBL is all about recap, recap, recap, so I think I got the gist of what I missed.

Allison, Bob, Jillian, and all the contestants seemed obsessed with "The Curse of Week 2," where weight loss is unpredictable. TBL trend watchers have noticed that though everyone loses big in the first week, some have a minor loss or even a gain in Week 2. My husband speculated that they got overconfident from their losses and slacked off, while I thought they might get a little freaked out by the big change in the first week and subconsciously back off a little. Or you could believe the show's official explanation, which is that the body is very resistant to major change and has controls in place to even things out. All three explanations seem plausible to me. Maybe it's a combination.

To counter The Curse, the contestants are given the opportunity to keep everyone safe for a week if they all work together and try to help each other out. If everyone as a group lost 150, no one would have to go home. If the group failed to meet that target, they would have to send two people home. The contestants got a crash course in portion sizes and healthy eating from the hunky Aussie from "Take Home Chef" and then, as a group, took a quiz where they could earn 15 pounds toward their goal. The challenge for the week also involved everyone working together. I thought it looked easy until I realized that every contestant had to be standing on an unsteady narrow balance beam at the same time before anyone was allowed to step onto the platform that indicated a 5-pound credit, a phone call home, or the final 10-pound credit. If I were out there alone, I think I could easily run around those balance beams, but not if I were on the platform with 14 scared people rocking the boat.

I really liked the emphasis on cooperation and teamwork in this episode. All the contestants are, after all, working toward common goals. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the episodes incorporate some of that spirit even as contestants face the threat of eliminations.


  1. I liked the idea of group support too. After all, isn't that what every other type of diet system calls for, group support?

  2. The producers must have read your recaps last year Jen! This sounds so much more positive!

    Did they end up losing the 150?

  3. I am loving the teamwork so far this year. I hope it continues. I always hate the gameplay crap.


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