Sunday, July 05, 2009

A good week

I generally take a recovery week after my races, but this week I haven't really felt the need. Monday I went for a swim. Tuesday I did a short run, which was fine but I felt a little out of gas. Wednesday was that crazy jump board class, which made me more sore than the triathlon did. Thursday I did another short run. Friday, I did a new cycle/yoga class at the Y. Yesterday was a bike ride with the woman who did the triathlon with me, plus I did a lot of walking.

I did a long run today (70 minutes), and even though I was nervous about how it would go when I started, I finished feeling strong. I had been having some trouble with sore toes and remembered that I used to lace my shoes differently to avoid that problem. I relaced my shoes before the run and that did the trick.

I was very tired afterward, but otherwise pretty great. My knees are complaining a little now when I go up and down stairs, but it doesn't seem to be anything serious. Just some tired muscles, I think. My knees didn't hurt at all during the run, so it isn't impact that was causing the problem.

We had really cool weather for most of the week, so it was nice to get back to summer today. I wore my new swimsuit (from Target) and spent most of the day in or around my parents' pool. The cool water felt great on my legs, especially my knees, and even with sunscreen (SPF 15), I think I got a little color in my cheeks. I love our summers here. They make it worth putting up with our winters.

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