Friday, July 24, 2009

Chilling out

I'm back from vacation and enjoying the cool quiet on my front porch. I know we probably look like geeks out here typing on our computers.

The New York Times has an interesting article about "The Unchilled Life," describing how people are forgoing air conditioning to save money and/or energy. Some of the people said they lost weight as a result, because they were eating different food. People also reported spending more time outdoors and enjoying feeling more in tune with the seasons.

We have had our air conditioning on a little this summer, but lately the weather has been mild with almost no humidity. I've been enjoying being able to just use "Amish A/C" (opening the windows). I love the natural breeze and we're lucky enough to have a house that was built before A/C, so it has plenty of windows and wide overhangs. I have found that I'm handling the heat better this summer since I'm not used to being refrigerated indoors -- when I have gone in to work in my office, I'm finding the overairconditioned air there very unpleasant. In fact, I've been reaching for a sweater when the temperature gets below 70. Being acclimated to the heat has made outdoor activity a lot easier. I really wonder if that might account for some of the weight-loss phenomenon the people in the article reported -- if you don't get used to chilly indoor temperatures, it's easier to get outdoors and do things.

I don't think I could convince my husband to give up the A/C completely, though. We get a few days a year that are pretty miserable. I've just been trying to use restraint.

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