Thursday, June 11, 2009

Training update

My trip to the West Coast seems to have scattered my mind even more than usual and I've been playing catchup all week. I'm still training for my race, but I feel like I could write a children's book about my experiences called "The Laziest Triathlete." I run consistently. I have been in the pool, oh, maybe 10 times all year, but I don't seem to have lost much in swimming ability. I have been out on my bike enough to know I can do the distance. I've done some Pilates Reformer classes to keep injuries at bay. I have a few more weeks to make up for some of my lost time.

I'm going to make it through the race mostly on my running endurance and my experience of doing races like this before. It will probably be one of the slower tris I've ever done. I expected to have more time and energy this summer and underestimated how draining my summer class would be. Still, having the race on the schedule has gotten me out and training more than I would have if I had nothing special planned.

Things are starting to settle down a little. Maybe enough that I can actually really train for my half marathon in October.


  1. AWESOME job on yoru training. I never feel that I get as much in as I want either. I am interested to know what Half Marathon you are going in October. I am also doing a half in october but I live on the west coast... the Girlfriends half marathon is the one I am doing on Oct. 18th and I am really worried about the distance. Anywho, keep blogging, i love reading.


  2. I bet the swimming portion of training for the tri is the hardest to get in because you have to go to a pool, rather than jump on your bike or slip into your running shoes. It sounds like you are still going to kick some bootay!

  3. Hey - I don't care if you're the last person to cross the finish line (which you will not be), you still beat every lazy person who didn't participate (and that's a lot of people). I think you are doing just fine. Remember, you don't have to be perfect! You don't have to train perfectly (just good is good enough). Give yourself credit for what you are accomplishing and focus on what you have done, not what you have not done!

  4. I know your tri is going to go well! I think you're doing great with the training. It's a lot of hard work, and takes so much dedication! You're doing a lot as it is :)


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