Friday, June 05, 2009


I'm doing a short stint in my old life -- consulting for my former employer. As I was packing and worrying about my trip to the West Coast, I thought mostly, "how the hell did I do this all the time?" I was jittery about the work and worried I'd forget something important.

After two days of everything going great, I realize that there were some really great things about this job, mostly the people I meet when I'm staffing an event. It's fun to sit around and talk about ideas and exciting new things for a couple of days with very smart strangers. But mostly, I know why I burned out so fast. The days are long and exciting in an exhausting way. I miss sleeping in a comfortable bed and having my own stuff around. Being three timezones away from my husband makes even calling home a little tricky.

It's sort of fun to step into an alien landscape and try out a new climate, check out the crazy plant life and the weirdly svelte squirrels, meet lots of people and spend time learning things together. It's not so fun to live out of a suitcase, realize you forgot some stuff it would have been better to have. I will be glad to get home, and even happier to turn in my invoice and get paid for my time -- money that will be about half my summer income.

I stayed up really late last night and went for a run this morning, which seems to have rebooted my system and gotten me on Pacific time -- just in time to go back home and be jetlagged again.

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  1. I'm glad you had a chance to visit that old life for a short bit, to be energized by ideas and smart people - and to be able to leave it behind to go home to your new normal. Making that job change was one of the best things you did for yourself.


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