Friday, May 22, 2009

Lunch wrap revisited

When I originally posted about my lunch wrap, I got a comment asking to see the pitas and the finished wrap. So now that I have a camera that's mine instead of shared with my husband (which means I can find it on a regular basis), I thought I'd take some pictures while I made lunch today.

These are the whole wheat pitas. The brand is Jasmine and they are made in Canada (not actually that far from here). A local Lebanese grocery imports them:

Here is the wrap just before I folded it to put on the grill. This one had about 1/3 of a small avocado, 1/2 a salad tomato, fresh mozzarella, grated Romano cheese, salt, cracked black pepper, and a smear of hummus:

I folded the top and bottom edges down and then rolled up the wrap like this to put on the griddle on my stove:

To keep it from unrolling itself, I like to put my plate on top of it. That weighs down the wrap a bit, helps keep the heat in so the cheese melts better, and warms the plate. Our plates are stoneware so they're heavy and heatproof.

Usually I pair this with a salad or fruit, but I was really hungry after my run so I had a few "Garden of Eatin'" blue corn chips with a little more avocado on the side (I had half of one left over from yesterday, but it wasn't all going to fit in the wrap. I love avocado and didn't want to waste a bite. I also had a La Croix sparkling water:

It was a great lunch. Like I said in my earlier post, I vary the fillings depending on what I have on hand.

In answer to another comment question, my new camera is a Kodak EasyShare. I was rushing out the door for a flight to Washington, DC about a month ago and had no idea where our camera was so I had to leave without it. I had been wanting my own for a while anyway. I found this in a CVS and since it was only $80 with an in-store coupon, I bought it. It takes really nice pictures. Some of these were a little blurry though, because I was using the closeup setting, which doesn't seem to have the image stabilizer.


  1. It looks and sounds yummy - and having an illustrated post makes it easier to see exactly how you put your wrap together. How nice to have a good little camera that's all your own!

  2. I agree with Anne, having an illustrated post really helped. I might make one of these myself -- it looks really, really good! Thanks!

    PS I'm glad you got your own camera. You can have lots of fun with it.

  3. That looks so delicious. I like the pictures a lot. I liked you post a couple of days ago too about perfectionism. I lost and gained weight so many times over the years, but finally lost a lot of weight and kept if off. I love your blog! Diane

  4. Great post, that has made me so hungry. But a new lunch idea is always welcome!

  5. Oh yummy! Now I am inspired to make a pita for lunch someday (I have been dreaming of a sandwich for a few weeks and finally got the igredients I need to make that ;) )


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