Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy days

I think that everyone in Ohio gets depressed in late January through early March. The early spring is hopeful and happy, but late spring is just euphoric -- all the sun, everything bursting into deep green, the energizing storms, the birds.

I have been spending a lot of happy time in my garden. We don't have a big backyard, so I have just a few tomato and herb plants, but I have some nice big flowerbeds in front and have been reorganizing things there. This time last year, I was still working my Insane Job so I didn't have time to do much with the garden until late summer, when it's hot and there isn't as much you can plant. This year I dug out an ugly privet (just like at my old house) that was taking over an entire section of our flowerbed. I planted most of a flat of annual there, a few perennials, a spiky-flowered hydrangea, and an azalea that will get reddish-orange blossoms next spring. I wanted a rhododendron but they didn't have them at the first store I visited and I was concerned that I was spending too much money so I didn't go poking around. My husband also wanted a rhododendron because we both liked the one at the old house so much.

I work a nine-month contract so money for the summer was a worry this year. I am teaching a summer class, and am also doing some consulting, but that wasn't quite as much as I've been making up until now, even when we added in my husband's coaching pay. I was worried about whether we were going to be able to make all of our bills, but then we got a notice from our bank that we have a surplus in our home mortgage escrow account and will be getting a nice-sized check back soon. We got a small check from my parents for our anniversary, too, so I decided to go get a rhododendron after all. I planted it and now I feel like my garden is complete (until next year, at least, when I'll want a bunch of other things).

Now I just need a load of mulch and the time to spread it. I will probably take care of that after I get back from the consulting job next week. Once I get the beds mulched and give the plants a little time to fill in, I'll post photos. Unfortunately the rhododendron won't be in bloom again until next year -- it has some flowers but they're kind of faded.


  1. You sound like you really enjoyed working the dirt. Something very groundng about it (pun intended). Glad things are working out.

  2. You are a gardening fool! Sounds like fun.

    I love how $ shows up when you need it. I'm waiting for mine to show up, any day now!


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