Saturday, May 02, 2009

Better than expected

...but a sub-30-minute 5K -- that's 3.1 miles for the metrically challenged-- was tantalizingly within reach and I just missed it. I told my husband before the race that I would be ecstatic if I finished in under 32 minutes, but I secretly wanted that sub-30. I finished in 30:20. I ran most of the way with someone I knew and that made it fun, but when she slowed down I decided I wanted to push myself a little harder for the last mile.

I am surprised that I was able to beat 10-minute mile pace. I hadn't been paying attention to pace in training so I didn't know what to hope for. I felt tired after the race but I think I could have pushed even harder. Still, it gives me something to reach for next time.

It was a fun little race, very friendly with lots of door prizes. I didn't win anything, but my husband won the race and got a gift certificate for a running store. He already ordered a new pair of shoes.

I bought myself some new shoes today too, but mine were some cute black flats to replace my New York City shoes, which I've worn out. I'm going to Washington D.C. next week and I need comfortable but cute shoes for my visit to the Hill. I had a long day today: Race, shopping and errands, a work party, and visiting my sister at the bar to wish her a happy birthday. I have to remember to be grateful for my body, which worked hard for me today and didn't complain about all the things I asked it to do.


  1. Great race!! Next time you will break 30 minutes!

  2. Great time. Looks like without doubt you could be sub 30 minutes. You will beat it next time.

  3. That is a great time! 5K's are so much fun! I hope you do some more :)


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