Thursday, April 09, 2009

Weigh-in and "The Biggest Loser" update

D reminds me that I forgot to post my weekly recap of "The Biggest Loser." How fitting that I post it on my first weigh-in day since starting Weight Watchers. There are a few TBL spoilers ahead, so if you haven't watched yet, enter at your own risk.

First, my weigh-in. I earned and used 39 Activity Points for the week. Now the bad news: I was over my Weekly Points Allowance by 41.5 for the week. So I was happy with the 1-pound loss this week, and hope that I'll be able to have better numbers for next week. In Biggest Loser terms, my weight loss this week was 0.58%. I have 17 pounds left to goal. In addition to the 10% goals they used to have, Weight Watchers has added a 5% goal. I'm 7.65 pounds from my 5% goal. I think this week was a good start.

This week's "The Biggest Loser" started with what I think was an unreasonable reaction by Ron to Sione, Phillipe, and Helen's votes for him last week. He seems to think his son Mike needs him there to keep losing, but the truth is that Mike is doing just fine, and probably would benefit from a chance to stand on his own. Let's look at this realistically: Ron is probably just as controlling of his family at home as he is of his "family" on TBL, and his sons are hugely overweight.

Control seems to be the drug of choice on TBL, however. This week, the temptation was a chance to win total control of who stayed and who went home. The catch was that to compete for this prize, the contestants had to search for it in a bunch of covered trays scattered all over the gym. Some trays had sugarfree gum and money, others had high-calorie foods like cupcakes and donuts, and only one had the "golden ticket" that allowed the single controlling vote.

Not surprisingly, with all the tension surrounding gameplay, most of the players went nuts. Tara got stuck eating more than 3,000 extra calories. You could tell that the players who ate the most were feeling terrible. Even before they started working out, Tara and Phillipe looked pale and sweaty and the expression on their faces was pure agony. After all those weeks of mostly clean food, it was obvious that their bodies did not react well to a sudden sugar and fat overload.

Kristen seemed the smartest about this temptation. She picked up a couple of trays and got stuck eating a few hundred extra calories, then realized that the prize just wasn't worth the risk. The person with the ticket could only vote you off if you were one of the two people who had the lowest weight loss percentage. Kristen said, "I'm going to make sure that ticket is no good with me." She realized that the best way to control the game was to keep her weight losses consistent. To use the ticket, you could not be at risk of being sent home yourself, so eating thousands of extra calories and then finding the ticket might not have worked anyway.

Laura won the ticket (and $5000) but didn't really seem to know how to handle the power. She wanted Tara to throw the weigh-in so that she didn't have to decide who went home... so what was the point, really? She was also really scared that she wouldn't have a good week and the ticket would be useless. It seems pretty obvious that fear and powerlessness are her issues.

You could easily divide up the players by their control issues:
Ron, Tara, Phillipe, Helen: Super controlling. Want everything to be their way at all times, know what's best for everyone. They're perfectionists and if they can't do everything perfect, they might as well totally blow it (thinking of Tara in one of her bad weeks).
Laura, Mike: Very passive. Want other people to take care of things and make decisions for them so they don't have to hurt anyone's feelings.

I don't see Kristen or Sione falling into either of these groups. They both seem to be really healthy and normal, at least compared to the other people on the show.They also have consistently lost weight and hasn't gotten nearly as wrapped up in the gameplay as other players have. I'm sure they have their own issues but they aren't obvious -- maybe they are different with thier family and friends.

(So which group am I in? I definitely have a tendency to be a controlling perfectionist, which is something I've been working very hard to change. One of my big victories this week with Weight Watchers was that I continued to track even once I went over my points. That's usually where I blow it completely.)

The challenge this week was really kind of boring. It was pretty obvious who the two finalists would be and the only question was who would be the winner of those two.

By contrast, the weigh-in and elimination were pretty dramatic this week, I think that Laura made the wrong choice on which player to send home at the elimination, and am pretty sure that decision will come back to bite her in the end. The eliminated player seems to be doing pretty well at home, though.

Next week is the big makeover event on TBL with Tim Gunn. Can't wait to see that one.


  1. I think that your continuing to track your points even though you were over, is huge! The temptation to throw in the towel must have been pretty strong. But you didn't. I think you really need to recognize what an accomplishment that really is!!!

  2. YAY you for your loss! Like TBL contestents sometimes do, you might have a bigger loss next week. Good for you for tracking your points when you normally would have chucked it.

    I love how the producers make everything so dramatic. Cracks me up. Althouhg Ron is the one who called Sione & Filipe POS's (how do you make that plural?!), which made me mad. I officially can't stand Ron. He was arrogant & hateful this week. The other players weren't. And I agree that Laura made the wrong choice. But I didn't expect her to make the right choice--she just strikes me as the kind of person who can't make good decisions (I tend to be like that, so I'm not being judgmental, but am more so identifying with her). I wanted to jump & cheer for Kristen. I was so proud of her not falling into the trap. I wish they would have made a bigger deal of that. I don't remember what Laura's loss was like last week, but I know Ron gained after his hospital visit, so it's no wonder he had a huge loss this week. This is my first season watching TBL all the way through, so I'm looking forward to next week but have no idea what to expect.

    Glad your shoes & jacket helped with your run today. Love new shoes.


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