Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New shoes, questionable coffee, and anti-stink detergent

My new shoes are here! I am looking forward to doing my long run in them tomorrow. I slipped one on and I can definitely tell now that my old shoes were worn out. Thanks again to kilax to prompting my brain to think of the shoes.

Speaking of brain tricks, I have been having an upset and gassy stomach every day for the last week or so. I thought maybe I should give up my morning coffee, since that's when it started. Actually, my first thought was to blame Weight Watchers because I've been bumping up my fiber intake. It would be really convenient to give myself a junk food prescription, wouldn't it? But today I noticed that it started bothering me right after I had my coffee. I posted on twitter that I thought I might have to give it up, and a friend suggested some kind of Folger's brand that is supposed to be easier on the stomach. That made me think -- we try lots of different kinds of organic coffee, and we just opened a new bag earlier this week. So I am going to dump it and go back to a brand that didn't give me problems before taking the drastic step of giving up something I love that has almost no points (I put in a little Silk soy creamer, which is 2 tablespoons for 1 point). Hopefully it will do the trick. I'm totally willing to give up coffee if that's what it takes not to feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Not sure why I thought my drastic change in diet would be responsible anyway. As I said earlier in the week, I dipped into the negatives in my Weekly Point Allowance and never fully recovered. Still, I know I am eating less, even with the extra points, than I was on my own, so I expect a small loss, at least. Maybe a pound or two. I will post it here, no matter what, so come back tomorrow if you're curious to see how it went.

Today I tried doing my weight training before Spinning class and it went just fine. I was tired after the weight training, but a few minutes of an easy warmup on the bike before class started was all it took for me to feel energized again. Spin class was intense, and I was soaked with sweat, both from the workout and the heat from so many people crammed into a converted racquetball court. The JCC is not a luxury gym, but it gets the job done.

Finally, I have to plug this detergent, Win, which is especially made for technical fabrics. Regular detergent does not seem to get the stink out of these fabrics for some reason, and they had a teeny little bottle of detergent at Dick's Sporting Goods for $6.99. The bottle says it does 14 regular-sized loads, so that's a little expensive, but I finally tried it today and it does seem to have worked. I dumped every technical shirt and sports bra that I could find into the wash and did a load. It was easy to tell a difference in my gear. There was one particularly stinky shirt of my husband's that needs a second treatment, but he says it's better than it was (I didn't smell for myself). The smell seems to build over time so it might be something you only need to use every few washings. I recommend trying it, especially if you're a two-athlete (or more) family and have enough workout gear around to make a full wash load.

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  1. I love that detergent! And it's totally worth the money. The first time I washed some of my older technical shirts I was amazed! It's good not to be smelly :)

    p.s. looking forward to your thoughts on this week's Biggest Loser


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