Thursday, April 30, 2009

I hit the yogurt jackpot!

I got my prize from the BlogHer FAGE giveaway yesterday (You can enter too, it runs until May 6). I had to wait at home for it -- someone has to sign for the delivery, and I wasn't going to have a big cooler full of yogurt delivered to work.

What I won:
  • 2 containers of FAGE 2% Honey
  • 2 containers of FAGE 2% Peaches
  • 2 containers of FAGE 2% Cherry
  • 2 containers of FAGE 2% Strawberry
  • 2 containers of FAGE 2% Plain
  • 2 containers of FAGE 0% Plain
I have been a fan of FAGE for a while, though I don' tknow why they capitalize it like that. Maybe it's an acronym? I love the honey and the strawberry. I haven't tried the peaches or the cherry flavors, so I'm looking forward to that. I usually buy the plain so I can add in my own toppings (one favorite combo is a drizzle of honey, a couple of crushed walnuts, and a chopped dried fig), but the flavors will be nice for taking to work.

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