Sunday, April 05, 2009

Holy negative points, Batman!

As I said before, I'm still getting the hang of this again. I got myself in trouble with a couple of items today that I ate before checking the points values, which turned out to be a lot higher than I thought they would be. The whole grain waffles I've been making most weekends thinking they were pretty healthy (buckwheat and whole wheat flour, not too high in fat, flax meal mixed in for some extra fiber) were 8 points each when I put them into the Recipe Builder. My mom's chicken turned out to be 10.5 for 2 drumsticks (of course I eat the skin, that's the best part). Right now I'm 18.5 points in the hole for the week, which ends on Thursday morning when I weigh in. I've even burned through all 20 of the activity points I've earned so far this week.

The weird thing is, I bet I'll still lose at least a little, because using the estimated value of 50 calories per point, I'm still eating less than when I was tracking calories and I was maintaining or even losing slowly at that level. I'm curious to see what happens Thursday. I will keep my expectations low because this is sort of a practice week. I'll post my results, whatever they are, on Thursday sometime. I used my weight on this Thursday, 173, as a starting weight.

I got out for what I planned as a nice, easy half-hour run today, but I was running with my husband, so I think it went a little faster than usual. I was happy to be done. Kilax, thanks for the mention about the shoes -- I think mine are the right size, but once I read your comment I realized that they are probably shot. I've been running in them for a long time, more than a year. They are a discontinued model, the Asics Gel 1120, but I know from experience that switching models can be a pain -- I know I like these and don't want to experiment with something new and potentially waste money on something I don't like. I poked around and found them on Amazon for less than $60 with shipping and immediately ordered a pair. The new shoes should get me through the fall, considering I don't run every day.

I'm still looking for a spring running jacket. I want something lightweight, fitted, and breathable. I need an MP3 pocket but would also like other pockets for keys and a cell phone. I tried looking online but it's annoying to sort through all the fashion jackets and try to guess which ones would fit me correctly, so I'm going to check my local running shops. I breezed through one today but they didn't have much of a selection. I'm trying to keep it under $70 if possible. Give me a shout if you have any rave reviews of jackets I should try.


  1. One of the things I like about Asics shoes is that they are usually pretty consistent in their model upgrades. But subtle differences can really be a problem. I wear Asics Nimbus and no one has them cheap. I have to replace mine about every 3 months. But it's worth it! You might keep an eye one and check their clearance section. Also, I saved a lot of $$ once when I settled on the jacket type then googled it.

  2. Oops, I meant

  3. My husband and I both used the Asics Gels from 2007. I bought him a new pair this year and he thought they were totally different! I think he was losing it. I hope your new ones help. It's hard to say goodbye to old running shoes :)


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