Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Biggest Loser: Makeovers!

I just can't do the no-spoiler zone anymore. Hopefully if you're reading this you don't mind spoilers.

The challenge this week, a walk on a zip line across a canyon, could have been an exciting one if there was any real competition here. It was sort of rushed through, and there was the usual outcome of it coming down to a contest between two players with the rest of the players just participating. Ron, however, took two or three steps, decided that since he could never win it wasn't worth trying, and quit. It seems like he's missed the point of this show. He obviously has seen his role as kingmaker for his son Mike all along and hasn't been that interested or focused on making changes himself.

This was Makeover Week on "The Biggest Loser," but oddly, the makeovers themselves were not that big a part of the show for a change. We didn't get much of Tim Gunn, though he obviously gave the players good guidance. Everyone looked fantastic. I really liked Laura's hair, and was thrilled that Kristen finally got rid of her skunk-stripe highlights. Mike and Sione's haircuts brought out the squareness of their jawlines.

There were some touching scenes when the made-over players saw their family members. I personally felt very bad for Ron's other son, Max, who was obviously torn apart because he was still so large and his brother Mike looked so good. The idea that the two of the players from the ranch are going to be able to go home and "fix" Max is an upsetting one -- they can help and provide support, but ultimately we all have to fix ourselves if we want to be fixed. There was a hint that next week's show is going to get into the issues behind Mike and Max's weight problems -- obviously there is something big going on in that family. We found out this week that Ron weighed more than 200 pounds by the time he was 9 years old, and more than 300 pounds by 15.

Laura was a big focus of the show this week. Jillian had hinted on her podcast that one of her contestants had a stress fracture in her foot and then continued to work out on it anyway while wearing the immobilizer boot despite doctor's orders. Obviously, that was Laura, because she ended up with an even more serious injury, a hip stress fracture. Luckily, the show is committed to helping her rehabilitate the injury, which seems like it would be a challenging one to deal with.

We're down to just a week or two before the finale, I think. That's why Sione and Laura's transformations after leaving the ranch didn't seem as dramatic as some of the others -- they had a lot less time.

I would like to see Mike, Tara, and Kristen as the final three. I have to say, I was originally rooting for Tara to win it all, but now I'm cheering for Kristen. Of all the remaining players, she seems to be the one who has her head in the right place.


  1. Wow - you posted that fast! Actually, I did the same but set it up to publish tomorrow morning. Looks like we're both growing tired of Ron!

  2. I was hoping to come here to dish on TBL! I actually was up at 12:30 last night & couldn't sleep so I watched it.

    I was so ticked at Tara for not "letting" Filipe win. What the hell does she need with a $25k kitchen makeover? She's beyond competetive & (this sounds awful but true) is 24 y.o. & thinks of no one but herself. I mean, really? Could she not let one competition go? I like Tara, don't get me wrong, I was just ticked off at her winning...again.

    I thought they all looked great too. Love Laura's hair. I like Kristen's color but wish they hadn't cut it so round--it just emphasizes her round face. Oh well, it will grow.

    I was so struck by Ron's wife! She is skinny, & married a 300+ pound man. & has 2 morbidly obese sons. What is her deal? I mean, no, MOM is not responsible for adult choices. But I'm sure she does the grocery shopping & cooking. I don't know--I guess people look at Sophie who is a v. big girl for her age & wonder why I don't feed her better. I think I do a pretty good job, but could always do better. Anyway, I was just struck by Ron's wife. & felt so so sorry for Max. I hope we get some hint as to what's up with that family next week.

    Poor Laura. I'm glad they did the right thing with her. It would have been an irresponsible choice, otherwise. To maintain after leaving is a big deal for her, I think. I wasn't disappointed she hadn't lost--she did great by keeping it off.

    Would LOVE to see Kristen win. Love her. Love her to pieces. I'm afraid it's going to be Tara. I'm really afraid it could be Helen! I don't want her to win. Something about her rubs me the wrong way.

  3. Just wondering if anyone likes Ron! I imagine he does not have many fans on the message boards.

  4. Laura, I wondered if Tara even owns a home -- she is young enough that she may rent. I agree, she just likes to win, but I disagree that she should have let someone else win -- no one wants to win that way.

    She looks really terrific. I am rooting for Kristen only because Kristen seems more grounded and less attention-seeking. I know how ironic that is to say about someone on a reality TV show.

  5. Why doesn't anyone want Mike to win? He has worked so hard!! He seems like a good kid. I feel so bad for his brother. I think we can all imagine how he must be feeling to be the odd man out now.

  6. Yes! Good riddance to the skunk stripes!

    And I feel exactly the same as you...at first I was rooting for Tara, but now I want Kristin to win.

    I kinda sorta hope they'll put Max on next season's TBL.

  7. I enjoy witnessing Tara's moxie. She fell off the wire and managed to pull herself back up. Filipe didn't learn from Sione's fast starts. Really, Tara should have been left in the dust during that car challenge.

    I also feel for Max whose pain just about makes him speechless. For Ron, I feel nothing but annoyance.

    Kristen's plea at elimination was touching. I definitely relate to her saying that some people start out at 243 lbs, the weight she's at after losing 115 lbs.

    There was also a nice web only extra scene on Hulu.com of an awards ceremony (after the makeover) complete with trophies engraved with the contestants weight loss to date.


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