Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two-minute movie review: He's Just Not that Into You

I saw this last night with a friend and it was a fun movie. It was a good message, too. If a guy treats you like crap, it's probably because he doesn't care about you that much. Move on.

I liked, too, that even though there were definitely some jerks in the movie, not everyone who was "just not that into" someone was a jerk. Sometimes there just isn't any there there. It also was pretty dead-on when it was suggested that some of this agonizing over boys who don't call was about a need for drama and excitement and not a real feeling that this guy was so special.

My friend sort of baffled me when she said, "I don't see what all the fuss over Scarlett Johansson is about." I spent almost the entire movie thinking how gorgeous her character, Anna, was, so that sort of threw me. When I saw some other pictures of her without the tumbling-down blond locks, I could maybe see her point, a little. But really, no. I never have understood how ordinary women can make these kinds of comments with a straight face. Seriously, I'm not in denial. Everyone in the movie, except maybe some of the characters in there for comic affect, is better-looking than both of us, or they wouldn't have Hollywood contracts.

I know where it's coming from: During the movie I caught myself checking out the women in it and comparing myself to them. That's something I need to work on, but not by tearing the women in the movie down.

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  1. I can't wait to see this movie (although it probably won't be until it comes to HBO). The previews were so funny--I already have stopped myself from telling my daughter that a kid actually likes her when he/she is mean to her. Because that is just so stupid! But it's what's been told to us girls for ages & ages. No more after this movie! :)

    I compare myself to other women all the time. I have to make myself not buy fitness mags so I won't do the whole comparison thing (of course, $5 a mag helps keep me from buying them, too).

    I think Scarlett's gorgeous. All the women in that film are. I like that there are several late 30s/just turned 40s in it, as well. On a random note--I never could understand the appeal of Diane Lane. She gets on my nerves, big time, and I have no idea why. Must be something in my subconscious.


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