Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shopping trip

Yesterday I visited a friend in a nearby, larger city. I had a 20% off shopping pass for Macy's, an idea of what I wanted to get, and plenty of free time. I was armed and dangerous. I had a limit in mind of what I was willing to spend, so I wasn't going completely crazy.

I did the bra fitting, and I really don't understand what all the fuss is about. Maybe Macy's doesn't do it right, but basically, some twenty-something measured me, looked at her instructions about what the measurements meant, and suggested a size. I knew I was probably between two sizes and the size she gave me was one of the ones I thought. So I could have probably accomplished the same thing by going into a dressing room with a handful of items and trying them all on. I was disappointed to see that I'm in a larger cup size than I thought. This means that it's harder to find anything that doesn't look like it was meant for someone's Aunt Helga. When I was at my goal weight for those ten minutes or so, I had a lot more options for undergarments because I fit into a more reasonable size.

I did find a couple of basics at good prices, and then splurged on a couple of pretty things. I also found a dress with a flattering empire waist in a summery print. It was less than $50 on sale, down from $150. That's the thing about Macy's, when you catch a sale it's usually a good one.

Finally, I bought a gift set at the Origins counter that had the Youthtopia cream, a cleanser, and some other items in it. I didn't notice any change from the 40 carrots serum, but I do feel like the Youthtopia is making a difference in my skin.

It was all fun and all of these items were confidence boosters. Still, I think that should take care of me for a while.


  1. I think bra fittings vary widely from place to place, but the ones that have been most successful for me are those where the fitter not only measures but also helps me find a bra that actually fits me the best - and explains why. All same-size bras are not created equal.

    Sounds like you had fun and got some things to help in the Feeling Pretty department. Will have to go check out Origins :)

  2. I haven't spoken to anyone yet who didn't end up in a bigger cup size (and usually smaller band). Also, I agree with the comments above.

  3. I have never tried Origins products. Sounds like you recommend Youthtopia cream. I am the worst at skin care and need to apply more efforts in this area. Did you coupon work for their products as well?

  4. Sharon, no, they didn't accept the Macy's coupon, which was a bummer. Some of the coupons are good for cosmetics and some aren't.

    I like the Youthtopia so far. I have their lotion and the saleswoman also gave me a sample of the serum (which is pricy). I like the way they smell and it does seem to be making a difference in the texture of the skin on my face and neck. I have also used their White Tea products and liked those too.

  5. A good fitting will include not only measurements, but a fitter that brings bras to you based on your physique. She will then help you put them on properly or watch you put them on (according to your comfort level) and will assess them after you put them ons. Based on what she sees she will then go get other options in different sizes, styles, brands, etc. And she will spend lots of time with you until you get as many bras, styles, colors as you need.

    Simply taking your measurements is what I would expect at Victoria's Secret not at Macys. If you ever decide to try the process again (evena 5 lb weight change can affect your bra size), I highly recommend Norstroms, if you have them where you are.

    Good Luck! And I'm glad you got some pretty things. Being pretty underneath always boosts my self esteem.


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