Friday, March 27, 2009

Building some momentum

Despite my little rant yesterday, I've actually been feeling very motivated since my disappointing fitness assessment. Right afterward, I went to a Spinning class, which helped settle in my mind that I was not tragically unfit -- I enjoyed the class and it helped me mellow out about the whole thing. Then I got myself wound up again thinking about it and posted my thoughts yesterday about what a waste of time it all was, but then when I went out for my run, decided it was time to start adding in one longer run a week and did 10 minutes more than I usually do. I feel like this whole thing was a big wake-up call. I could either sit around and be unhappy about it, or I could focus on the results I want and get to work.

Today I did a cardio/sculpt session and then went right into another private session, where the trainer walked me through a functional weight training program that I can do on my own at the YMCA. She had me do one set of each of the exercises, so my muscles were like wet noodles when I was all done. We talked about how I could fit a program together.

I was tired so I went to a nearby coffee shop to give myself time to unwind and sketch some things out. I wanted a plan that was challenging and also balanced. This is what I have for now:

Monday: Swim (40 minutes) and weight training program
Tuesday: AM Yoga and Short run (30 minutes)
Wednesday: Spinning class (45 minutes)
Thursday: AM Yoga and Longer run (starting at 40 minutes and progressing from there)
Friday: Cardio/Sculpt (30 minutes cardio/30 minutes strength)
Saturday: Pilates Reformer class
Sunday: Short run (30 minutes)

That gives me Saturday off from cardio (Reformer is strength and flexibility). I imagine that this plan will change once the real summer weather hits -- I'll probably want to do more outside and be in the gym less by then -- but will give me a good foundation for my summer training.

When I was feeling down yesterday, I watched an episode of "How to Look Good Naked" on my iPod. I bought a season pass on iTunes but have only watched a couple of them. The one I watched yesterday just happened to feature a woman with a body type very similar to mine -- she was very unhappy about her heavy thighs. I find the show really inspiring, not only for the fashion tips, but also for the overall attitude that we should be good to ourselves and not let our perceived flaws stand in the way of the life we want to lead. I thought the woman on the show looked good even before her makeover and looked much better after she got out of the boring baggy clothes she was wearing.

After browsing the site, I think I'm going to plan to visit this store for a real bra fitting the next time I'm in a major city. I think it will be better than my lackluster fitting at Macy's.


  1. Your post reminds me of the power of endorphins! They help alter our moods in such a positive way. Also, time and perspective allows us to see our situations so much clearer.

  2. ok... that bra store sounds like a delicious idea. how much do their bras cost? i think i should make that my reward when i get down to around 165.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07