Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Biggest Loser: Cliffhanger

I was so angry that they ended the show on a cliffhanger this week. I'm hoping for the best.

There was drama again this week, but this time it wasn't manufactured. Jillian was getting tired of Laura "phoning it in" and forced Laura to face the truth: That she would be everyone's first pick to send home at the next elimination. Laura has lost about half what everyone else on her team has lost, so the point wasn't to pick on her, it was an effort to force her to take action. Watching the show, I was struck by how round Laura's face still is in comparison to all the other players, who are starting to developed defined jawlines. Jillian wanted her to see that she has the strength and the ability to compete if she would only start putting her heart into it.

I was annoyed by the cooking challenge -- the teams were given half an hour to invent four healthy recipes for typical fast-food fare. With everyone fighting for the same ovens, how were they expected to bake a pizza and broil a burger at the same time? Just preheating the oven for a good pizza can take more than half an hour, so the players were set up for failure. They could have probably done something reasonable if they had an hour to do things, or if they had bigger kitchens with multiple ovens. I felt like it sent a message that healthy cooking is hard, when it's not, really.

I loved that the Blue Team got to work out with Sugar Ray Leonard, especially because Aubrey was a boxer! That just blows me away.

Speaking of Aubrey, I felt really sad for her watching the food pantry challenge. She was so desperate to win those free groceries. I liked the way things turned out, though. Maybe she could be a good spokesperson and fundraiser for food pantries -- she was a single mom and fed her oldest two kids with the help of these organizations, and it sounds like she still has money struggles. She could help people understand how hard it is for families in need.

This was a good episode -- I felt like people were starting to see themselves less as contestants on a game show and more as a group of people with common goals. I wish they all were more like this.


  1. I noticed Lauras face too! It was a good episode last night I agree and I was just as angry that it was a cliffhanger! AAHHHH!!!

    :) tj

  2. I loved how Mike gave his food for a year away and how Ron said you raise them do the right thing. How rewarding as a father to see his son show that generosity. Something I hope to instill in my children. That was very heart felt to me and you could see how he was thinking of her needs over his. What a selfless act and made my eyes water.

    I personally think they made it and the whole cliffhanger thing is so overused in this show. My 8 year old will predict the commercial every time and then they come back from commercial with repeating everything before the cliff hanger. Which annoys me.

  3. When I saw how they were going to do the weigh in, everyone on the same team, I thought to myself, "Jen is gonna like this". My suspicion is that they are weighed prior to the official weigh in, so that the producers know what order to do it when the cameras are on. I also suspect that they (producers) know they won't make weight and will send 2 home to make up for no one going home this week (in TV land anyway). It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  4. Carol, you know me too well!

    Jillian has said on her podcast that the contestants are weighed in the morning, but they don't know the results and neither do the trainers (I don't know if Alison knows them). The big scale is just a prop. I guess that weigh-in day is actually a high-calorie day for them.

    Wouldn't it be great if they did it this way every week: If there was a goal average weight loss they were shooting for (say 2% or so), and if they made it, no one got sent home, but if they didn't, the teams that didn't had to send someone home? That way there would be less incentive to "eliminate a threat" and more reason to cheer each other on.

  5. I was looking for inspiration and your Jillian quote at the top gave me a boost. I read your post from when you met her at BlogHer. Thanks for linking to it. It was a great thing for me to read tonight..

  6. I have a suspicion that Mike doesn't lose the 9 pounds and two people will be going home. Make sense that way being as there was no one sent home last week and then two next week. To keep the episodes even. I really liked the way Jillian was trying to help Laura, though. Laura sees herself as such a victim. I've just recently realized that about myself. Weight loss is all in your head (well, most times, anyways).

  7. Being manipulated by TBL producers is so annoying. And I agree with your entire review, esp. the cooking challenge being totally stupid. It was neat to see Aubrey so excited at the boxing workout. I really like her & Mandy. When they flashed back on Tara's first weigh in, I was shocked. I hadn't seen the 1st two episodes so didn't know how big she was. It's crazy how much weight loss changes a face shape. Laura has a LONG way to go. I hope she gets to stay & what Jillian did to her makes a difference.

    I think next week's going to be brutal, b/c yeah, I think they're sending 2 people home.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07