Saturday, February 14, 2009

What is working for me

I've posted so many weird thoughts about the whole Beck Plan thing that I thought I'd take the time to post what I have found most helpful about the plan so far:

First and most of all, I love the realistic, no-nonsense aspect of this. I think a lot of us tell ourselves a lot of stupid things about the weight loss process and this book is a great counterbalance to that. Things like "It's a big tragedy if I can't always have everything I want the moment I want it," or "If I feel hungry that means I will inevitably go crazy with food." There are a lot of reality checks in this book to counteract those silly thoughts. I can't tell you how helpful I've already found it to realize that being hungry doesn't mean I have to rush off and find something to eat right away. I can wait, even if it means waiting several hours, until it's time to eat. The biggest place this is useful is when I'm at work and the only available food is the inevitable junk in the break room or in the vending machines. I can wait until I get home and fix myself something there.

Ideas like "Five minutes of exercise is better than no minutes," can really help on a day when I'm feeling unmotivated. Usually just getting started is the hardest part and I will go for longer, but if not, five minutes is something.

Even though I haven't been doing it every day, I can see that I make better food choices when I plan things out ahead of time. I heard today on the radio about an experiment in which people were given different numbers to remember and then presented with a choice between chocolate cake and fruit salad. The people who were asked to remember five-digit numbers were much more likely to choose the cake than the people trying to remember two-digit numbers. Think how much better my food choices are when I'm sitting down and making them consciously vs. picking something out when I'm at already at a restaurant for lunch, looking over the menu and talking with a friend. It also is easier when I get home from work to know exactly what I'm going to fix. If I'm going to be home late, I'm much more likely to have something healthy ready for me when I get home if I leave a note for my husband telling him what to make.

I feel like there is a lot of information in the book and I've only absorbed a small part of it. I finally gave up on the checksheets, and I figured out that taking the pressure off myself to do it all perfectly is working better for me. Thanks for all the commenters who helped hammer this into my head.

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  1. You're right there's a lot of information in The Beck Diet Solution!

    I've come to think of the book as a textbook. You could really spend a semester studying it. I feel like Week 4 is like getting several weeks of a course in CBT! Or you can use it as a reference text, as needed.

    After I'd gone though the first 5 weeks (the 6th week is really maintenance-related activities, which I'm not ready for yet), I put the book aside. I've come back to it from time to time and reviewed parts that I needed. Every time, I find different things are relevant. For example, my first time through, I didn't think food pushers were a problem for me...but then over the holidays I realized that it really WAS an area I really needed to pay attention to!


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