Thursday, January 01, 2009

Some great New Year's advice

I saw a quote similar to this on Dearest Mabel, a blog that will be a new home to the wonderful writers of Elastic Waist (a moment of silence for the passing of a very good blog)....

...and I had to go hunting around to find the original source. Here it is:
"Honey, you're always going to have that I'm-a-fat-girl thing; forget it, you're gorgeous." -- Leonardo Di Caprio to Kate Winslet
This is good advice, I think, and not just because it's stunningly obvious that Winslet is and always has been breathtakingly beautiful in her films. It's good advice because the language we use when we talk about ourselves is very powerful. The possibilities we imagine for ourselves can give us power or they can limit our power.
"A vivid imagination compels the whole body to obey it.
So my suggestion is that we spend some time in the transition to this new year to let go of all our ideas about who we are right now and imagine ourselves as we truly want to be. Not what we think we could be or what others might expect us to be but who we want to become, or would become if nothing was limiting us. Then take a step or two toward that new self.

Happy new year, everyone. You're all gorgeous.

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