Thursday, January 15, 2009

Biggest Loser Season 7, Week 2

I generally try to keep this a no-spoiler zone, but there was one thing about this episode that I want to address directly.

This week there was a temptation where the contestants were offered a large chunk of money if they wanted to leave the show right then and not come back. It's obvious that after last season, they are concerned that other contestants might be like Vicky and just see this as a chance to win a big cash prize and not be really interested in the resources the show offers.

The contestant who was tempted, however, saw this in a different light. She's from Detroit, which like Toledo has some of the worst unemployment in the nation right now. She is living in her mother's house and said it makes her feel like a failure. I wanted to cry when the offer got to $25,000 and she said, "that's more than I make in two years." I think the only reason she turned it down was that she knew her friend would kill her if she took it.

It's easy to say that health is more important than money when you have enough -- maybe not as much as you'd like to have, but enough to pay your bills and have a place to live. According to her profile, Joelle is 41 and runs a "nonprofit radio show". She tells her listeners to "stay positive," and that may be why she talks so much about feeling strong when obvious she doesn't really feel that great about herself. I'm sure she feels like she should have achieved financial independence by now. She was crying in a one-on-one with Bob about all the "lousy choices I've made." I can see the temptation to take the money. She probably doesn't feel there's much opportunity waiting for her back home in Detroit. She has no guarantee of winning anything staying on the show, and there are too many reality shows for appearing on one to be the ticket to fame it used to be. And she doesn't seem all that confident that she can lose the weight, either.

I'm not surprised her team resented her but I felt bad for her because it's obvious that her bravado was really all she had. I was actually rooting for her to stay on the show, because to be eliminated after turning down all that cash.

So far, Tara is my favorite contestant on the show. She just shows so much heart and toughness that I will be really surprised if she doesn't make it to the finals.

With all the big weight losses in the first week, Week 2 is notorious for wacky results. I won't tell you who got eliminated just in case there's anyone reading this who hasn't watched the show yet. I will say I agreed with the reasoning that the contestants used to choose who to send home.

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