Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to reality

This morning, as cms predicted, I had a chance to practice my "The number on the scale is just a number that gives me important information" response. I was up 1.5 from yesterday. I honestly think it was just a fluctuation, because my food was fine. I even resisted brownies in the breakroom, which felt good.

I felt very lethargic this morning when I woke up. I was debating whether to do my run in the morning or later in the afternoon, but I decided it was better just to get it out of the way early, despite temperatures in the teens. I never really warmed up until the very end, but it wasn't so bad. I am only doing half-hour runs right now, and as soon as I hit the halfway point it all feels downhill from there. Oddly enough, today was the first time I actually used music on my iPod when I was running. It did help keep me going, although I had used the Genius mix to create a playlist, and some real downers came up at inopportune times, like "I Am Weary, Let Me Rest," from the Oh Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack. I need to make a more motivating playlist next time. I did see some Yaktrax marks in the snow and it made me think of Carol. I am going to see if I can find some, because I might rather run on the trails with packed snow than on the paved trail, which tends to get icy.

I'm still feeling tired. Tomorrow I have a lot of grading to catch up on. I was going to try to do it today but I just don't have the energy. I don't think I'm eating too little, either. My calories were just over 2000 today, which sounds like a lot until you consider the run. That's still about 300-500 less per day than I was getting when I was just tracking calories without planning meals. I will be bringing them down a bit, to 1800, when I move to following the Beck Plan. That's where the formula in the book says I should start.

After today I will not be posting daily updates unless something interesting happens. It's a little dull to post about the same things every day. I will post about any big milestones or challenges.

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