Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Biggest Loser post

I can't believe the way the elimination turned out. I have been really unhappy with the continued gameplay by all of Bob's team members. Each season he seems to allow people to go further and further off the deep end. I'm impressed with Jillian and Black Team members Michelle, ReneƩ, and Colleen for continuing to show strength and sanity in a crazy environment. Ed is the only member of the Blue Team who seems to have a sense of perspective.

I have a couple of reviews coming up soon: Another book and a product that I'll be testing.


  1. I heart the black team. I was shocked that Amy didn't vote off Vicki while she had the chance. BL is my one reality tv guilty pleasure!

  2. I'm so sad that Colleen went home. :''[ I was so hoping she'd win. My two favs have always been Colleen and Michelle. Now it sounds like there's some sort of decision going to have to be made between Michelle and Renee next week. I'll be so sad if either of them have to go home.

    I know why Amy voted Colleen rather than Vicki... the repercussions! She has shown before how little self worth she has. Then after the one time in her whole lifetime she stood up for herself by voting Ed off and did you see how Bob came down on her?! I was thoroughly unimpressed with Bob. There was no way she was going to risk Bob having to talk to her like that again. She worships Bob so much.


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