Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Earned my "crazy runner" merit badge today

I weighed in this morning at 173.5, down even from yesterday. I always find a loss motivates me to push myself a little harder, and today was no exception. I decided to do both my planned (and skipped) workout from yesterday and my planned workout for today. This means that after I hit the gym for my weight workout (which takes about 20 minutes), I went to the park for a run.

I seriously considered ditching the run, because I seem to have brought the drizzly weather home with me from Oregon. The weather ranged from misty to a downpour. I almost turned away from the park but decided to try it anyway. I promised myself I could quit early if I really hated it. Oddly enough, though, I enjoyed it. I seemed to have the park all to myself (except for a couple walking in rain gear), and the woods look pretty in the rain. I scared a few chipmunks and squirrels and got to feel like a hardcore runner.

Other than a few really miserable days in the coldest part of the winter, I'd rather run or walk outdoors in most kinds of weather than beat my brains out on the treadmill with nothing but a silent television on the wall to entertain me. I use my gym membership for weight workouts and swimming, and even swimming is much more fun in the open water (when it's warmer). I can tolerate Spinning classes because they're too intense for me to miss the scenery.

I notice on "The Biggest Loser" that they almost never work out outdoors, except for a few challenges. Maybe they do go for walks off-camera, or maybe the weather was too intense during taping for them to feel safe outside. Whatever the reason, I'd have a hard time doing the "homework" that became such an issue for Jillian in this episode, because 90 minutes of cardio in the gym is a long time to stare at the wall. I'm not competing for $250,000, though. I guess you do have to question the logic of someone who's willing to leave family and friends behind for three months to get the best weight loss advice available and the time to use it, but then skips the workouts. I thought Jillian was going to take someone's head right off.

There was a sort of puzzling "breakthrough" moment with one of the contestants, who is ditzy and jokey all the time and refuses to take the workouts seriously. She claimed, tearfully, that this is because she always has to be "the strong one." I wondered if she was just telling Jillian what she thought would get her off the hook, because there seemed to be nothing strong about the way she was acting. She seemed, to me, to be scared to try very hard to succeed, not because she's trying to be strong, but because she is somehow protecting herself from being disappointed when she fails. I'm sure there was more to the conversation than what we saw on camera.

I don't know what happened at the end of the show, however, because the second half won't be broadcast until tonight because of the presidential debate. The debate, however, disappointed. I think that watching the rest of "The Biggest Loser" might have been more enlightening.

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