Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Biggest Loser: No spoiler zone

Just like last week, I'll give you a couple of little sneak peeks but won't actually give anything away, just in case you have the show waiting at home for you on the DVR.

Last night's show was interesting: There was a chance for a team to take a really big risk, with $10,000 as a possible reward. Of course, one team decided to try it.

The expectations for Week 2 were really low: This is, statistically, the worst week for contestants, with an average weight loss of only (only!) 2% of their body weight. Still, one contestant shocked me by gaining weight, which I don't think should happen at all unless there was some funny buisness going on. My guess is that this contestant either was hitting the temptation food, figuring that this was a week where slacking off might go unnoticed, or water-loaded in the hopes of having a really huge loss the next week. There is no way that someone as big as these contestants are could actually gain weight when they have changed their habits so drastically.

The yellow team is from Ohio, so of course I feel a little home-team attachment to them, even if they are from Cleveland. This is a father and daughter team, and the dad, Jerry, is the sickest person on the show, in fact, the sickest person who has ever been on the show. He had a dramatic loss last week, and this week seemed to be feeling much better already. The daughter, Coleen, really impressed me during the challenge: Because Jerry, and Tom, the dad from the gray team, were too sick to compete, she and L.T. had to compete every round, instead of every other round. L.T. saw this as a reason to quit early, while Coleen took it as a personal challenge and a chance to get an even better workout that day. I like this girl, she has heart.

There's also a healthy cooking segment with Chef Rocco, who also appeared last season to help the contestants make healthy versions of their favorite recipes. This time the focus was on cooking healthy on a budget, so each of the recipes cost less than $7 for 4 servings. The cooking segment was, of course, also an opportunity for product placement. Some of the recipes looked really great, and all are available on the show's website. The ones from this season are the first 7 recipes. The others are not low-calorie recipes, so look out.

I felt like this week's episode was a little flat because of the low expectations, but it is amazing to see the changes that have already taken place in some of the sicker contestants. Jerry said he doesn't have the constant aches and pains that plagued him in the first episode. Tom tells us that he was on 9 pills a day when he came on the show and after one week, he was able to get off all of them. This, after just losing about 20 pounds each, which isn't even 10% on these big guys. The message there, which I wish the producers had hit harder, is that big health improvements are possible with even a small weight loss and a switch to healthier food and daily exercise.

Coincidentally, my weigh-in now falls the morning after "The Biggest Loser." I'm down 1 pound from last week, which is only 0.0056%, but I'm happy with it. With the changes I made to my diet yesterday, I didn't quite hit my calorie goal, but I came closer at 1987. I'm going to stick with this and see if I can keep the losing streak going.


  1. my mom did watch again. I think that she is hooked.

    I too wish that they did much more about education - my husband comments all the time - that they miss major opportunities to help people with food. I did love the cooking segment.

    My son (freshman in college) is taking a biology class and they just had a section on different ways to lose weight (healthy) and the professor's assignment was - read this so that you understand balanced meal plans and low glycemic - and then write about what MORE you would need to know to teach people how to eat this way. He called me for ideas and I said - shopping and cooking! He did enjoy that section of class - because it talked about lots of things that he has seen me DO.

    One thing about last night's show that BUGGED me - the $10,000 challenge was the clearest example of lottery thinking that one could ever set up and they did not talk about it at all. This is such a common 'thing' in the world of overweight people - a huge missed opportunity.

  2. Heh. Reading your actual percentage made me giggle out loud. Thanks for that.

  3. Woo-hoo on the pound!! That's great. Please don't compare your losses to those BL folks, they're in an extreme situation. Great job!!

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