Monday, September 15, 2008

A better day, but still pensive

I'm still in my Tina-Fey-style glasses, but I think I'll be able to put the contact lenses in tomorrow. I have been using an eye wash a few times a day, which feels a little weird (you put saline into a little plastic cup, and then open your eye in it and look around) but does tend to relieve the scratchy, dry feeling. Better than the goopy eyedrops my doctor generally recommends. I never did get to see him, but now that I'm feeling better I don't see much point.

I went ahead and went to the gym in my glasses, and did my strength training workout. I am beginning to see some changes in my upper body. My upper chest and shoulders are starting to look much more toned. For some reason I see changes here first, rather than in all the places I'd really like to trim down. Maybe because there was less extra weight there in the first place.

I didn't feel up to running in my glasses, but I took a nice long walk in the park near my house and watched the finches flitting around eating thistle seeds and the bees buzzing around in the goldenrod. I was really teary-eyed when I saw the honeybees, because I keep hearing how they're all dying off. It made me feel like the whole world isn't irrevocably broken, at least not quite yet.

I was feeling a little guilty today, because I spent about two hours at the office and only one hour of that working. Now that my syllabus is written and I don't have any classes yet, I don't have a lot to do. I began to feel a little guilty about that, about not contributing enough to the household or the world in general. As I was driving around, I was listening to the Julie and Julia Project on my car CD player, and it made me wonder how to get started on some kind of writing project myself, preferably one that might be able to make me some money. Any freelancers out there want to send me some tips?

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