Sunday, May 11, 2008

famous blogger alert

I was sorry that I had to miss Jennette's book-release party, which sounds like it was a blast, but thanks to her TiVo Alert, I caught her appearance on the Today show this morning. I watched the show especially for her and it was worth suffering through the clip on Jenna Bush's wedding to see her, looking and sounding all professional on TV. She spoke well.

I was distracted by one small detail... was wondering if the makeup artist used lip plumper on her -- her lips looked really amazing. I know that's a bizarre comment even as I write it. I don't remember staring at her lips when I met her in person, which is probably for the best.

Anyway, it's great to see the book get such great publicity, even if they couldn't use the word Ass on the Today show. They used two little stick people in place of the S's on the book cover photo they used.


  1. I recorded and watched. I thought she did a great job - she seemed to really BE in the moment. Could hear what he was saying and respond (I would have been in a fog). I thought it was a nice little interview and hope she had a great time in NY.

  2. They put a lot of crap on my face, but I don't think they used limp plumper. If they did, I was unaware of it! I must just have great lips :)


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