Sunday, April 20, 2008

feeling like a water buffalo

I am not sure why a water buffalo, and not a buffalo in general. Maybe because I like to swim?

My clothes are tight, I feel uncomfortable, and I attribute a lot of it, fairly or not, to my two-hour roundtrip commute and my desk-centric job, though as Jillian says on her radio show, "You can't gain weight if you're not eating too much."

Perhaps it might be time to dust off the Points Finder and the journal? Alas. I think that it might be, though I really resist it. Maybe if I write down all my reasons I hate counting points, they'll seem as silly as they probably are. Imagine a whining tone as you read the following:

I know I should do Weight Watchers again...
  • But I hate writing down everything I eat!
  • But I hate it when I don't know how many points something has and I have to guess!
  • But I don't want anyone to know I'm on a diet (or "lifestyle change," whatever)
  • But it's so hard to get the right kind of food in restaurants!
  • But I enjoy having lunch with my one (soon-to-be-leaving) real Work Friend!
  • But I deserve to eat what I want because I'm stuck driving so much!
  • But I am hungry all the time when I'm dieting!
  • But I should be able to eat right without having to make such a big deal about it!
  • But I had this great idea for a way of healthy eating that would be easy and painless!
  • But it's such a general pain in the ass!
All of these buts have added up to a pretty big butt, though, one that is now in size 14 pants. I know that wearing a size 14 doesn't really qualify me for water buffalo status, but it does feel bigger than I really want to be. I have such cute clothes in my closet that are no longer fitting.

So, dear readers, I am going to commit to you, since I haven't managed to commit to myself, to get this weight off before summer gets here. Spring has finally arrived and that means that I am going to want to be able to wear shorts when appropriate, not pretend that capris are just as cool and comfortable, which they aren't -- though they are more chic.

I'm going to do a weigh-in first thing tomorrow morning just so I have a starting point. Yikes. My guess -- somewhere in the mid-to-high 170s. I'm not quite up to going to meetings again yet (though I do have prepaid coupons) but I at least need to weigh in at home. I have been avoiding the scale for too long, which always suggests that I know that it isn't going to give me good news.


  1. i have to admit that though i've admitted to using WW - over the last three years i think i've been 100% on plan about 1/2 the time... all the things you mentioned ARE a big pain in the ass but they are doable, as long as you are willing to commit... and who cares if people know you are trying to lose weight! it's better to be making an effort at being healthy, then not doing anything right? that's how i look at it anyway, it's no one's business but your own...

    sorry if this seems blunt, just putting my two-cents in... losing weight doesn't have to be as difficult as some people make it out to be - it is what you make of it... :o)

  2. I agree with Jodi: who cares if people know you're trying to lose weight? And I think you can still manage to go out to lunch with your friend--that's the beauty of WW, right? Yes, counting points is annoying (I think the control freak in me secretly likes it). And you don't have to go to meetings--I much prefer the online tools, personally. If losing the weight is important to you (and I think it is), then the trouble will be well worth the results--right?

    Besides, just think of all of the cute clothes in your closet that you'll get to wear :)


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07