Wednesday, April 09, 2008

don't forget to vote (warning: Biggest Loser spoiler)

On last night's episode of "The Biggest Loser," both remaining Blue Team members fell below the yellow line. In yet another show twist, the contestants don't get to decide: the television audience does. You can vote now on the NBC site.

It's a tough decision. Personally, I prefer Roger, but Ali and Kelly seem to think they'd have an easier chance beating Mark. I will vote for Mark, because I think the contestants should have been the ones to decide. Besides I want to see a woman as Biggest Loser this time, and I want Jillian to keep her winning streak going.

You may know that I also have a political blog. I wonder how many more people will vote for The Biggest Loser than will vote in the presidential election.

P.S. a post by The Grumpy Chair Dieter reminded me of something that bugged me too. The weight loss numbers this time were ridiculous. I was suspicious that the trainers were sent away and wondered if they were doing something sketchy to artificially boost the loss. I suspected either extreme fasting or diuretics. Whatever it was, it seemed like the trainers didn't want to be involved. The only other possibility I could think of was that it was really a two-week period. But I suspect diuretics, because most of the contestants had hollow cheeks and Kelly's arms and legs looked baggy.


  1. thanks for link - I did vote.

    I know that is what the girls said/think

    But, I wonder if they are right about Mark being easier to beat.

    Didn't Roger have the lowest percentage loss last night?

    I think Roger is going to have a harder time at home, on his own than Mark will.

    I know that the girls would have voted him off if they had the chance - but I wonder if that is actually the best - don't know.

    I have really enjoyed this (my first) season.

  2. I voted for Mark last night. I'm with you on voting how the girls want to vote. It's not fair that America gets to chose. I hate when shows like this change the rules. Besides, Roger has SOOO much more weight to lose than Mark does. And Roger has NEVER been below the yellow line but Mark has been there several times. Mark would be much easier to beat. Besides, wouldn't you just LOVE to see a chick win BL???

  3. Hello Jen! We don't get the network channels on our satellite unfortunately but I've been keeping up with The Biggest Loser through their website and I voted for Mark too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I voted for Mark as well. I also prefer Roger but I think Mark has less to lose, hence the girls having an easier chance of beating him. And apparently, Julie from last season has had Kelly living at her house with her and helping her make with things until the finale. Almost like a coach. So I can't wait to see how Kelly looks!

    I also wonder about how they got those high numbers this week. Seems fishy to me.


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